No longer a baby! Toddler steps on deck.. Fit Friday

Well another 7 days are under my belt!  I'm moving closer and closer to 100 days of sending those nasty bad habits to the file of distant memories. My water intake has increased to 118 ounces a day (10 oz shy of my goal), I have filled my activity circle at least twice this week on my Apple Watch ... I have been moving this body! I feel strength coming in my knees and started the process of being able to walk up my stairs without turning to the side to lessen the pressure.  I have a lot to be excited about and feel motivated to add another level.   I've dusted off my hand and ankle weight and have them ready for this upcoming week.  I won't be weighing myself this week but I know that progress is being made. 

Now it hasn't been without some set backs.  The struggle is still there with my food intake.  I have been skipping breakfast again, not taking my Protein/Fiber powder mix and having a craving for chocolate that is crazy strong! I have resolved to get this under control by setting timers in my iPhone.. Yes, you read that correctly, I have added to my calendar that its time to eat, go grab your protein shake right next to my kids work schedules. Using tools to keep you on track that are practical can help you stay focus on conscious of your time. Vitamins and supplements are the next area I want to conquer consistently so I will be adding a reminder to take them to my trusty calendar too! 

My go to meal this week will be a chicken & goat cheese salad.  Target has chicken on sale (see
Sunday Savings post) so I figured this would be perfect for this week. I am allergic to a lot of ingredients so feel free to add what you enjoy. Mine will be simply chicken seasoned with Ms Dash, spinach, crumbled goat cheese, red onions (not pictured) and sliced boiled eggs (only twice this week). I will be replacing breakfast 3 days a week with a protein shake or smoothie, 3 days a week the substitution will be at lunch and 128 ounces of water daily.  I will work very hard to meet my walking goal of 2 miles a day and would love to have some of you come along virtually by adding me on your Apple Watch.

#100Days are mine to conquer! It may be broken down in baby steps, but as long as I moving, I will get to the finish line!

Have you started breaking bad habits? What are your replacing them with? Share!


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