Saturday, April 30, 2011

God Bless Alabama!

The Southern states have just experienced devastating tornadoes and its not just another tragedy on TV its my life. It's my neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members and fellow statesmen.  To drive along a road that you take everyday and see the landscape, the buildings & the homes you had admired along this route gone....erased as if they never existed is mind blowing.  Its no longer someone else in a distant place its you! I mourn so intensely for people I have never met but feel that i am missing. I continue to work to come up with ways to help those affected directly that it overwhelms me. My family was blessed to only experience an inconvenience of not having electricity and a slight financial hardship but others lost lives, businesses and homes. Tornadoes have been part of my life since I could remember (even in MI) but I never felt the heartache that I am feeling now during this brutal attack on my adopted home of Alabama.  I dont have finacial means to support my Alabama family but I have time and love that I will give until there is nothing left.  I know that only a few people will view my blog but of those who do please support the Red Cross as a way to help Alabama & the other Southern states affected. Also take time to stop: Love your family, love your neighbor and give a little back to the world. Thank you

***A big THANK YOU to the state of Tennessee for all the help and hospitality you have shown your Alabama neighbors!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Curly Two-strand twists

Decided last night to do a two-strand twist style  and thought i would share with you guys! My hair was acting a little moody so I thought i would give her a break.  I normally do twists on wet hair but i co-washed my hair two days ago so i just decided to do it on my dry hair. I also wanted to try using the She Moisture Curl enhancer (just in case i un-twist them) and see what results i would get.

Supplies: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancer, satin sponge rollers, clips to hold hair, satin bonnet

Procedure: I simply did two-strand twists (medium size) using the Shea Moisture on each strand of hair and when my entire head was complete I rolled them (3 or 4 in each roller) with the satin sponge rollers.  I sleep in my satin bonnet and removed the rollers. Here's the pics...What do you think?


My hair was a little greasy but I like it..cant wait to see how long it lasts.

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