Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shea Moisture Results

I have to be honest, i am not completely sold on this product...just yet. I like the softness of my hair but i didn't experience the curl pattern I normally achieve from a braid out.  I have to admit that my hair wasn't fully dry because i had somewhere to go so I'm going to continue to use Shea Moisture for a couple weeks and give you guys an update later.  Here's a couple of pictures...let me know what you guys think.

Save My Hair!

My hair was a mess so I decided to do what every Natural Girl does when faced with this dilemma , watch YouTube videos.  I love the way a community has been built that allows people who look like me and have the same issues as me help each other and share.  Well i first watched the videos of the ladies I have subscribed to like Divakeke76, LexiWithTheCurls, ShidaNaturals & Lyndaespratley.  I was entertained, got some tips, learned something new but was still uninspired.  I decided I would just give it a break and check in on Facebook and see what my friends were up to.  I noticed a post by one of the fan pages I liked, There was a review for the product line Shea Naturals.  We both seem to have the same hair type and she (as well as some others) were raving about how they loved this product and how we should all give it a try. I knew i needed my hair done ASAP but wasn't sure so I asked how much it cost & where to purchase.  She responded Target and $10, i was sold.  Off to Target where i purchased:
                                                     Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque $9.99
                                                     Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie $9.99
                                                     Shea Moisture Hold & Shine Moisture Mist $9.99

They also have Shampoo & condition but i just bought some Organix so I wasn't investing in more shampoo/conditioner today.  I washed my hair and applied the masque.  There wasn't much to the directions so i just went root to tip and placed a plastic cap on my hair for about 30 minutes. The smell wasn't bad and the texture of the masque was like whipped shea butter. However i wasn't happy! I was ready to take the remaining two products back to Target unopened! My hair felt weird and although I had defined curl pattern emerging i wasn't experiencing the softness i was use to with my other deep conditioners. I took a deep breath and continued the process.  I washed the masque out and began using the smoothie. I felt like i was on a tropical island because my hair was a pina colada lol..I decided to do a braid out and i applied the smoothie to sections of my hair, come through with my fingers and then braid.  This seemed promising..Well i don't have a sit under dryer at its midnight so here's a few pictures and we will see how it turns out in the morning..

  ***(SM shampoo/conditioner are Parabens,Phthates,Paraffin,Gluten,Mineral Oil free)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It begins

Wow, Mslawanda is blogging. I know i'll be talking to myself for awhile but i am still excited.  I'm not sure of my target audience  thats why I have called this blog "As the wind blows". I hope that the thoughts in my mind are interesting or helpful to someone and maybe I can have another purpose in this world.  I'm going to keep this short and just say welcome to my ride through the cyber sky!

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