Monday, January 28, 2013

Do you Viggle?

Viggle has taken over my family! What is Viggle you ask?  It's an mobile app available for IOS (apple devices) & android that gives you points for watching television. Not useless points but points that you instantly cash in for amazing gift cards and prizes that you will want and can benefit from.  I have used my points for free pizza at Papa Johns, bought medicine with my gift card at CVS, loaded my iPod with music with iTunes gift cards and I even took my hubby to the movies with Hollywood Movie money passes. This is the most used app on my device.

How it works: Everyday they feature a few programs they would like you to watch that offer bonus check in points and these are the best! You tune in to the show, press check in on your device (within the app) and when the app is finished listening to your television it will confirm the name of the program. You click confirm and your in.  You receive one point for every minute you watch the program and if its a bonus check in show, you get those additional points. Whether its a feature program or not you receive 1 point for every minute you watch the program.

Now of course they can't see if you check into the program and then turn the channel...LOL..but as long as you are logged into that show you will get 1 point for every minute the show is on. Check out the video below as I show you how I use Viggle.  

Tip: You can check into multiple shows.  If there are 4 shows featured with bonus check ins for example at can check into a different show every 15 minutes and you will receive the check in bonus for each show :)

Also if you love sports (like I do) playing "My Guy" is a fun way to earn extra points. Its like playing fantasy sports but in real time.

* Viggle does have a maximum of 720 watch points daily ...Don't worry it doesn't include bonus check-in points, viggle live points or my guy points*

Do you use Viggle? What do you think of this app?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Influenster did it again! Palmolive - Mmm!

As many of you know, I am a member of Influenster, a website that allows you to try products for free in return for honest reviews of the products while sharing that information with friends, family & social media.

Well I  recently had the pleasure of trying Palmolive's new Fresh Infusion dish detergent. They sent me three 16 ounce bottles to try and I was pleasantly surprised. The scents were all inviting and extremely pleasing to the nose. The first scent that I tried was the Ginger White Tea. I loved this scent! It took very little detergent to fill my dish pan with white bubbles and have the kitchen engulfed in the wonderful scent. The dish detergent easily performed its job of getting my dishes sparkling clean and it even managed to get my daughter a little less upset about doing the dishes! My hands felt soft after finishing a sink of dishes and my mood seem to mellow & relax too...

Palmolive has hit the mark with this line and I thank Influenster for selecting me to try this product..... it will be a new item on my purchase list.

Have you tried this new line? How important is scent to you when choosing detergent? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lose Weight & Win Money?

Lose weight & win money?..Yes you can win money by simply losing  4% of your body weight. Wait, did I say simply? It's not simple but its an achievable goal if you discipline yourself and set your mind to making it happen.  This diet bet is hosted by myself through the website .

Here's how it works.. The game host (me) sets an amount that each player must pay ($10 for my game) and sets a start date (1/21/13). The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. If you make your personal 4% goal you split the pot with all the winners! You must submit photos of yourself in tight fitting clothes and a picture of yourself on a scale that are kept private and used to verify that you lose the weight.

I am excited about this game, I think its a great tool to motivate myself and I hope you guys will join so we can cheer each other on! Join today, and invite your friends! Let's create a big pot to motivate us to get rid of some unwanted weight.

Smaller jeans..bigger pockets!

  Will you join me? Are you inviting friends, co-workers or family? Share your thoughts! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Did you say Purple? My Paul Mitchell Experience

I decided to get my hair styled at the Paul Mitchell Salon - Huntsville located in Madison, Alabama.  My appointment was Saturday at 9:30 am and at 9:38 am I was welcomed by my stylist and sitting in her chair. Misty was the Phase 2 student that would be styling me. Her energy and spirit was upbeat and I felt this would be a great experience, she seemed to be  excited to give this head of kinky curls a try. Misty asked if I had a photo or any reference to the color that I wanted ..which I did. I showed her the two colors I was contemplating, an auburn which she liked and a purple that she loved. She suggested instead of doing an all over purple that she use a technique called the " Balayage Effect" where the color is placed throughout my hair in a pattern that mirrors itself on both sides of the hair. I decided to trust her judgement and said "let's do it"..She confirm her opinion with her supervising instructor Holly and we were off and running.

I  had my hair styled in the past by students, men, women and even my kids but  this was my first time having a Caucasian  lady (Italian) caress these tresses however I wasn't nervous. She approached my hair as curly and not by its ethnicity.

Back to the process..She washed my hair, with the assistance of two beginning students Corlina & Brandi, then she placed me under the dryer to make sure my hair was dry for the bleaching/lifting process.

Side-note: Misty is a Phase 2 student which means she is just a little over month from graduation.

My gray hairs were up to be tackled along with lighting my ends. Misty mixed some PM Shine that she applied to my edges, along the roots and through out my hair for the gray. Next up was the we go.

I was excited and nervous because I never bleached my hair before ..Would my hair be some crazy color or would it be stubborn and not lighten at all?  Misty is excited, "Your hair is looking so good"..She calls Holly over to check her work and she says "Wow, that was fast its great".. I'm feeling a lot better but still a bit scared.  It was time to begin removing some of the foils from my hair when I was shocked......

Oh crap! My hair is blonde..Seriously blonde!

I decided not to panic because I knew I needed my hair to be light for the purple to show and I told Misty I would trust her so I would see this through to the end.

After removing the foil my hair was washed and dried to be ready to add my color..Time for purple..The processed took about 35 minutes and I had my final wash, condition, deep conditioner and treatment.

Final Thoughts: 

My experience at the salon was great. You do need to keep in mine they are still students and will need to ask for approval and assistance from time to time.  (I was there for 5 hours)...The pictures don't really give the color its true effect and the sun ran away as soon as I needed it to help.Im sure the color will get brighter... There were a few things that I wasn't completely happy with..there was a few area in my hair that I felt needed more color and a few blonde spots missed. I do plan to return to get those areas corrected. As a whole I would give the experience a 8 out of 10 because Misty was such a pleasure and she made me feel comfortable with her judgement.  I think if I was a little more hands on in advising them on the best way to manipulate my kinks I would have avoided some of the errors.

 You need to be very mindful of the cost because everything is a la carte. You will go from $30 to over $100 without blinking an eye so get a price list before you sit in the chair.

Paul Mitchell - The School was a Saturday Treat

While waiting for my color to process Brandi gave me a nice hand massage with some tea tree lotion if felt so good.

Have you had your hair styled at a beauty school?

Would you feel comfortable getting your hair styled by someone of a different race? 

Share your thoughts!  

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