Influenster did it again! Palmolive - Mmm!

As many of you know, I am a member of Influenster, a website that allows you to try products for free in return for honest reviews of the products while sharing that information with friends, family & social media.

Well I  recently had the pleasure of trying Palmolive's new Fresh Infusion dish detergent. They sent me three 16 ounce bottles to try and I was pleasantly surprised. The scents were all inviting and extremely pleasing to the nose. The first scent that I tried was the Ginger White Tea. I loved this scent! It took very little detergent to fill my dish pan with white bubbles and have the kitchen engulfed in the wonderful scent. The dish detergent easily performed its job of getting my dishes sparkling clean and it even managed to get my daughter a little less upset about doing the dishes! My hands felt soft after finishing a sink of dishes and my mood seem to mellow & relax too...

Palmolive has hit the mark with this line and I thank Influenster for selecting me to try this product..... it will be a new item on my purchase list.

Have you tried this new line? How important is scent to you when choosing detergent? 


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