Lose Weight & Win Money?

Lose weight & win money?..Yes you can win money by simply losing  4% of your body weight. Wait, did I say simply? It's not simple but its an achievable goal if you discipline yourself and set your mind to making it happen.  This diet bet is hosted by myself through the website www.dietbet.com .

Here's how it works.. The game host (me) sets an amount that each player must pay ($10 for my game) and sets a start date (1/21/13). The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. If you make your personal 4% goal you split the pot with all the winners! You must submit photos of yourself in tight fitting clothes and a picture of yourself on a scale that are kept private and used to verify that you lose the weight.

I am excited about this game, I think its a great tool to motivate myself and I hope you guys will join so we can cheer each other on! Join today, and invite your friends! Let's create a big pot to motivate us to get rid of some unwanted weight.

Smaller jeans..bigger pockets!

  Will you join me? Are you inviting friends, co-workers or family? Share your thoughts! 


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