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 Welcome to As the Wind Blows Digital Planners. Each planner will be delivered as a pdf file to your email in less than 2 hours after payment has been received and cleared.  

Our planners are optimized to work with the Apple iPad, Apple Pencil and/or the GoodNotes5 app
(available in both the Apple Store & Google Play)  The Planner can be seen and used on your iPhone or smartphone but the experience and features are enhanced on the Apple iPad or a tablet with the GoodNotes 5 app. (additional fee applies for this app)

2022 Planners Available:

"With Gods Grace" - $30 plus tax 

  • 347 planner pages that allow you to manage your day to day events. 
  • This planner offers inspirational scriptures once a month, budgeting pages and ways to remind you to keep site of your blessings. 
  • National Holidays, goal pages and gift giving lists keep you aware of the important things in your life. 
  • Delivered as a PDF with a Digital Sticker pack customized for the With Gods Grace planner. 

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"This is My Year" - $30 plus tax

  • 455 pages for you to customize with the moments that are important to you. 
  • Each page has bright and fun colors that will keep your spirits up as you move throughout the year.  
  • Includes pages of notes, daily journaling and meal planning to name a few. 
  • Delivered as a PDF with a Digital Sticker pack customized for the This is My Year Planner.

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"Plan on It" - $30 plus tax

  • 446 pages of planner pages that have a more traditional theme. 
  • Each month includes daily and note pages to keep your agenda at your finger tips. 
  • This planner will allow you to plan vacations, keep track of your insurance info and make sure you can find the emergency contacts you need quickly. 
  • Delivered as a PDF with a Digital Sticker pack customized for the Plan on It Planner. 


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