Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Fear Matrix - Transgender Bathrooms

If you want to get Americans distracted give them an emotionally charged scenario that is completely surrounded in Fear! They will destroy families, end friendships and jeopardize their lively hood by the droves.

 I have never been one to subscribe to conspiracy theories but the older I get, I raise an eyebrow or two.  When important decisions that effect the country in very critical ways come to a decisive point, sub issues seem to appear. 

We have had the plight of other countries inserted into news coverage then vanish (Do "we" still not want refugees?), diseases come and go (Are we still wearing masks on planes?) and been on the brink of martial law (Have cops stopped killing folks on camera?) in an attempt to steer us into highly emotional states.  Enter the Transgender bathroom FEAR! 

Let me begin by stating that I have a 25 year old Transgender daughter so of course I represent some form of bias.  My goal is to present this view point in a logically way that allows you to determine if you have been unknowingly pushed into the matrix of FEAR

Two of the main "concerns" I have encountered have been in the area of school bathrooms with children and public bathrooms with children.  Now anything approaching a child, endangering a child or concerning children would have the country in an outcry correct? 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Stop Looking for Mr. Right on the 1st Date!

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3 Things you need to Stop doing.....  TODAY

1. Narrator: Don't tell your life story.....Dates are a chance to introduce yourself, find common denominators and make connections but not all  in one hour. This is a person that you will either never see again because he's a complete loser or someone you will have an opportunity to learn more about on the second date. Your date doesn't need enough info to write a biography or access your bank account. Less is more
2. FBI Profiler: Stop analyzing.... Get out of your head and over thinking every step. If you are constantly trying to connect the dots or determine if each word from his lips are encrypted you won't enjoy yourself or give your date a chance to enjoy you. The choice of restaurant, his lack of laughing at your last joke or the way he places the fork on the side of his plate will not determine if you need to begin your diet to fit your wedding dress. Relax its just a date.  

Friday, May 6, 2016

Put that "R-E-S-P-E-C-K" on His Name!

" A Tongue & Cheek examination of some of the now infamous phrases used by the Record CEO during an interview with a NYC Radio Show"

While others are making funny memes and criticizing the grammar of the Louisiana Record Exec, I decided to explore the little know world of Synonym Theory that only the coolest of urban street dwellers know.

At first glance the phrase "Are we finish or are we Done" would seem rhetorical ... but true players would tell you otherwise. Finish & Done have completely didn't annotations to the conquers of the streets. Finish takes on the traditional Webster definition of being complete  with strong emphasis on never being dealt with again.

If you want to get across to let's say a radio DJ that you no longer want a topic discussed  you would give him the recommendation of making it "Finish".

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