Put that "R-E-S-P-E-C-K" on His Name!

" A Tongue & Cheek examination of some of the now infamous phrases used by the Record CEO during an interview with a NYC Radio Show"

While others are making funny memes and criticizing the grammar of the Louisiana Record Exec, I decided to explore the little know world of Synonym Theory that only the coolest of urban street dwellers know.

At first glance the phrase "Are we finish or are we Done" would seem rhetorical ... but true players would tell you otherwise. Finish & Done have completely didn't annotations to the conquers of the streets. Finish takes on the traditional Webster definition of being complete  with strong emphasis on never being dealt with again.

If you want to get across to let's say a radio DJ that you no longer want a topic discussed  you would give him the recommendation of making it "Finish".

However, if you want to know if said DJ intends to end the conversation now and possibly be bold
enough to bring it up again in the foreseeable future he would selecting to be "Done".

Wow, Right? My exclusive interview with some of the hoods flyest expanded my vocabulary and understanding of a urban subset that few get to meet or even understand.

One of these players hipped me to another  expression that had me scratching my head at first sound... Are you "Home" or are you at the "House"? 

Huh? Those have to be the same, Right?

Nope! Although the majority of us consider our house our home, not The Players from the Himalayas. They shared with me that their home is where their kids reside,  possibly a wife but the house is where they crash with their lady or the woman on the side. 

So although I couldn't find a justification of the use of "Respeck" instead of the standard pronunciation  Respect I'm taking my hat off to our feathered friend. 

I'm putting "Respeck" on his name cause he gave me a glimpse into a club few get to join! 


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