Thursday, December 23, 2021

Deluxe Versions are HERE!

The launch of my first series of Digital Planners is a success! So what’s the best way to celebrate?

New Deluxe versions! Now you can get all three planners with additional tabs that make navigating  (pages previously  in the extra section) faster and easier. The planner has the same format you love in the standard just with a smoother transition. 

Introducing Color Enhanced Deluxe Planners!  “With God’s Plan” or “Plan On It” can now be enhanced with colors along with the additional tabs with our Deluxe Color Enhanced Digital Planners. These planners make your individual personality and style shine even more. 

Learn More below:

Deluxe Standard Planners - These planners have additional tabs to quickly get to the pages normally sectioned in the extra section. These new tabs will help organize your year. This option is available for all three planner options. These planners will be sent via email in 3-5 days after payment is received. 


Color Enhanced Deluxe Digital Planners- These planners can be customized with your favorite colors. The pages are the same great formats in the standard planners but can now be enhanced with your color choice and the easy to use additional tabs.  This option is available for the Plan On It and With Gods Grace themes.  These planners will be sent via email in 5- 7 days after payment is received.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

We are Live! The Digital Planners are Available!

 The day is finally here! My three planner themes are now available for purchase. I decided to create a little commercial to help you get excited and ready to plan in 2022!

Check it out and Order Your Planner TODAY!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Digital Planners for 2022! So Excited!

Hey Guys! I am so excited to share my new business venture. I have always loved planners and looked forward to getting my new pages every year.  The only draw back was storing all the previous years and trying to find past important events. I first started researching to find note apps or planner apps that could take the place of my traditional paper planner but nothing seemed to work the way I wanted.  As a wise woman once said, "If you cannot find what you need, create it!"

Hours of Youtube tutorials, harassing family and countless tears but I have created a series of digital planners that I am extremely proud to share.  I am sure I will notice things that I wish I did better but as a debut I think I have created planners that everyone can find useful.  The series consists of 3 different themed planners. "With Gods Grace", "Plan On It", and "This is my Year".  They include pages that allow you to organize your life, take control of your finances and keep notes of important occurrences in your year.

The planners are received as a pdf file to your email and work with the Apple iPad, Apple Pencil and/or GoodNotes5 app. (available in both the Apple Store & Google Play) You chose what is best for you and when the year is over you can zip the file or leave open, either way you can reach your planner in seconds. The Planner can be seen and used on your iPhone or smartphone, but is optimized on the Apple iPad or a tablet with the GoodNotes 5 app.

Each planner theme offers a different aesthetic that  I created to fit a variety of  personalities and styles. "With Gods Grace", is a planner theme that includes a different scripture every month, pages to jot down your favorite inspirational quotes and reminders to look at the blessings in your life. This theme is considered Christian based but anyone can be inspired with this planner.

"Plan on It" offers a more simplest approach to organizing your year. The colors are a bit more traditional and the pages may seem familiar to those who have used planners for years. Like all the themes available, the Plan On It Planner allows you to select the page tabs and quickly jump from month to month. You can keep track of your travel plans, plan your month in advance and keep up with your fitness goals. 

A great advantage with digital planners are the ability to use them via technology, but you can print any page that you want when you need it.  The planner is a PDF file so you can chose to print the entire planner or select a particular page or page range.  There is no need to print the planner, it is completely usable digitally, but if you want to share a note page from the whimsical "This is my Year" planner with your doctor, that option is available. Maybe you want to print your workout log to share with your trainer, thats available too.  These planners offer you the best of both worlds. 


A little confused? 

            No worries! 

I have included tutorials to help you have a smooth transition from traditional to digital organizing. The tutorials on the Tutorial Digital Planner tab at the top will show you how to use the planner as a PDF or if you prefer with the note taking app GoodNotes 5.

If you still have questions or concerns please feel to email me and I will make sure you are a pro in no time! 

Ready to get your planner? Click the Digital Planner Tab at the top or (click here) and you can purchase using Square Up.

 Buy now  and you will receive the planner of your choice in less than 2 hours along with an exclusive sticker pack.

Let's take control of our lives in 2022!

 Plan on it with God's Grace cause its Your Year! 

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