Deluxe Versions are HERE!

The launch of my first series of Digital Planners is a success! So what’s the best way to celebrate?

New Deluxe versions! Now you can get all three planners with additional tabs that make navigating  (pages previously  in the extra section) faster and easier. The planner has the same format you love in the standard just with a smoother transition. 

Introducing Color Enhanced Deluxe Planners!  “With God’s Plan” or “Plan On It” can now be enhanced with colors along with the additional tabs with our Deluxe Color Enhanced Digital Planners. These planners make your individual personality and style shine even more. 

Learn More below:

Deluxe Standard Planners - These planners have additional tabs to quickly get to the pages normally sectioned in the extra section. These new tabs will help organize your year. This option is available for all three planner options. These planners will be sent via email in 3-5 days after payment is received. 


Color Enhanced Deluxe Digital Planners- These planners can be customized with your favorite colors. The pages are the same great formats in the standard planners but can now be enhanced with your color choice and the easy to use additional tabs.  This option is available for the Plan On It and With Gods Grace themes.  These planners will be sent via email in 5- 7 days after payment is received.


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