Curly Two-strand twists

Decided last night to do a two-strand twist style  and thought i would share with you guys! My hair was acting a little moody so I thought i would give her a break.  I normally do twists on wet hair but i co-washed my hair two days ago so i just decided to do it on my dry hair. I also wanted to try using the She Moisture Curl enhancer (just in case i un-twist them) and see what results i would get.

Supplies: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancer, satin sponge rollers, clips to hold hair, satin bonnet

Procedure: I simply did two-strand twists (medium size) using the Shea Moisture on each strand of hair and when my entire head was complete I rolled them (3 or 4 in each roller) with the satin sponge rollers.  I sleep in my satin bonnet and removed the rollers. Here's the pics...What do you think?


My hair was a little greasy but I like it..cant wait to see how long it lasts.


lacquerglamour said…
That is cute. Wish I had seen that before I put my crochet braids back in, cause I can't style my hair for nothing.
Jenelle said…
Cute! Looks good! So doing this style over the weekend!

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