Yes! Yes! TGINatural..Product Review

Hello All.....Here for another product review and this time its from a familiar brand.. TGIN (Thank God I'm Natural). I had the opportunity of trying their  new product line, the Moist Collection,  which  contained a Sulfate free shampoo, a triple moisture conditioner, a butter cream daily moisturizer, a honey hair mask and an added bonus the twist & define cream.

Up first was the shampoo and conditioner combination..I'm not big on shampoos because I usually just see them as functional, but this shampoo was really nice.  I had the type of lather I expect from a sulfate free shampoo but I was missing one thing...The striped feeling... YES! My scalp felt clean, the way I traditionally only get with ACV,  but it didn't feel stringy or waxy.  The conditioner was great, my hair seemed to drink in the moisture and instantly seemed soft with my kinky curls popping.... I still classify the conditioner as the Batman & the shampoo as the Robin because im bias in that way LOL. I would rate the combo an 8 out of 10 because they work amazing together with the conditioner being an 8.5 on its own.  I don't really use shampoo but this is a great one if you want to remove all the product build up from your hair while not taking the moisture away with it.

Next up was the Crown Jewel of the collection for me.. The Honey Hair Mask!...this was truly amazing... My hair is extremely curly and makes knots, after knots after knots...its one of the reasons I am a deep conditioning queen! Well..this product is a miracle when it comes to melting away your knots... Don't believe me? When I was trying the product...I was so excited that I got out of the shower to make a quick Instagram video to share..Check it out ...

As you may have guessed I would give the Honey Hair Mask a 9.5 it was the BEST! Lastly the Daily
Moisturizer and Twist & Define cream were left for me to try. I used the twist & define cream to do two strand twists and fluffed  my hair the next day with the daily moisturizer.  My hair looked great, it wasn't dry and the curls were soft and defined.  I would give them both an 8 but would probably only purchase the Define & twist cream because I had a lot of moisture without reapplying or adding anything.

You can give TGIN a try by purchasing the sample pack on sale now for $9.99 (click here) they also have a sale on the full size collection too!

Remember TGIN is all natural and this line contains great ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil & vitamin E. The smell of the entire line is divine and my favorite the Honey hair mask is so creamy you will love it!

For info on TGIN check out their website

Have you tried this line? Leave your comments & questions below! Thanks for reading :)

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