Yarn Braids.. Miss Tia Protective Styling!

Summer is here with a vengeance so it is time to find a fun, hip protective style for my teenage daughter. I suggested Senegalese Twists, Havana Twist or box braids but Miss Tia wanted something funky & colorful.....Yarn braids!

Yarn braids are fun and they give you the feel of having locs (hinse them also being known as genie-locs) ... This would be my second time doing yarn braids but the first time making them this length..she wanted waist length in the back.. We headed to Walmart to get the yarn and the 11 hour journey would begin.

The Process:

1. I purchased Red Heart brand yarn from Walmart 2 bundles ( dark brown & fuschia ) ..also I had some blue yarn at home.

2. I stretched the yarn to waist length, doubled it and then cut it.  I used that first one to measure each remaining piece. I didn't count them but I would be using 3 pieces per braid.

3. Washed, conditioned & detangled her hair.

4. Applied Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner, Ampro Vitamin E oil & TGIN daily moisturizer

5. I used the same technique in the video below.....

The process took 3 days and about 11 hours.  My hands swell alot so I have to take multiple breaks but it was worth it.  Miss Tia was happy with the results so I took a couple of motrin and got it done.  Yarn braids are easy to style but they do seem a bit heavy at first.  She loves them and her natural hair
gets a much needed break. This will be her style for about 4-6 weeks.

Have you tried yarn braids? Let me know what you think! 

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Anonymous said…
Love them!

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