Yum Yum - CoCo Curls

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner/creator of CoCo Curls, Jeannell at the Spring Fro Fashion week and I truly felt her passion for her product.  I was excited to try her Moisturizing styling cream but hoped I wouldn't be disappointed.  My hair really loves butters & creams so I was looking for something to set this product apart from the others. Jeannell recommended the product be applied to wet hair, so that's what I did.

I decided to co-wash my hair and use a leave-in conditioner before applying the CoCo Curls cream.  Using about a dime size amount of the product, on each section, I  put my wet hair in three strand twists. I let my hair dry overnight with a silk scarf wrapped around it and a satin bonnet on top.  In the morning i put the cream on my finger tips and un-twisted them.

My hair was shiny, the curls were well defined & wow the smell was just plain - YUMMY!  I loved the way my curls looked & felt.  These results weren't surprising for me, so I needed more.  The test would come at Days 3&4 of my twist out.  Would my curls stay defined? Would I retain moisture? This would be the way for CoCo Curls to move to the top of my list.  Day 2 was a repeat of the original (great), Day 3 I separated more and rocked bigger hair & then Day 4.... my hair was beautiful! I didn't leave my curls in the spirals they had formed from the original twist out I created a soft fro and CoCo Curls was there for the ride. I was truly impressed. I spritzed my hair with a little aloe vera spritzer and rubbed the moisturizing styler on my hands rubbing it through my hair. This cream did not fail.

Next up, trying CoCo Curls on my daughter's (Tia) hair.  Tia has always had very straight hair so getting her hair to be define can be challenging. She tends to also have a lot of frizz so I will be watching for this also.  Tia loved the coffee blend fragrance as I applied it to her previously washed, deep conditioned and leave-in coated hair. I decided to put her hair in flat twists, some going to the side with the majority going to the back. I weighed down the twists using flexi-rods on the ends (like BlackOnyx) and let them dry overnight.  I also applied the CoCo Curls to my fingertips to un-twist them in the morning and she loved it.

I really love this cream and was impressed that it produced great results on each day that I wore the twist out. The most surprising for me was the definition and shine my daughter achieved without frizz.  I will give the CoCo Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream a 9 out of 10 and think you should give it a try! Make sure to support her by checking out her website www.cococurls.com and following on twitter @CoCo_Curls

Have you tried CoCo Curls? What do you think of the results Tia & I achieved?

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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