Curlfriends Unite...Fro Fashion Week Bloggers, Brands & Brunch

The brunch was one of  the highlights of the weekend for me. The setting was beautifully decorated, Afrobella was the keynote speaker and Design Essential sponsored it allowing for an elegant event. The room was full of beautiful women who loved natural hair and I couldn't wait to network and put a face to "curlfriends" I spoke with on Twitter, watched on YouTube or enjoyed their work on their blogs.

As the excitement grew to attend this year's Spring event, four of my fellow bloggers and I planned to meet at this brunch.  From left to right, they are @CurlyAnd Lovely, @TribeCalledCurl, @CurlRehab, @mslawanda & @UneAutreNaturel ... we looked for each other tweeting our locations, mishaps & fun.  It felt like visiting with old friends.

This year I also had the pleasure of being a member of the Lead Press Support group of bloggers.  Divas like @TheSistahChick & @bossygirl1980 were curlfriends with the same honor that I corresponded with on Twitter and looked forward to meeting.

We received great advice from Afrobella, we took pictures with beautiful comedian actress Kim Coles and stylist Felicia Leatherwood, while being privy to exclusive information from Design Essentials.

Great brands like Jessicurl, Shea Moisture & CoCo Curls were also at the brunch to mingle and share advice.

This was my second time attending this brunch and it wont be my last. Tarin Boone, creator of  Fro Fashion Week, continues to show that she has passion for natural hair and supporting small business. Her drive for growth and excellence is contagious, it makes you push yourself to discover the greatness we all can contribute.

How important is networking for you? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

**Fro Fashion Week Experience will continue tomorrow!**


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