Ode to Diana....Ross that is!

I have a slight obsession with 70's Diana Ross and I'm not ashamed to say so! I  love her hair, her style and of course her voice. Those of you, who know me personally, have seen many of my favorite photos of Ms. Ross on my facebook page. Well yesterday on twitter a fellow blogger @TribeCalledCurl tweeted a link from ebonymag.tumblr.com of an Ebony cover from February 1970 that I LOVED!

Well I decided it was time to try and  replicate her hair....better said then done LOL!
I was wearing an old twist out so I just applied a little more Koils by Nature leave in and grabbed some flexi-rods, some satin rollers and some optimism. My hair is all one length so i knew it would be a challenge plus I didn't want to use any hair pins.

  I used flexi -rods in the front and the sides of my hair in a spiral curl but as close to the scalp as I could. I twisted the remainder of my hair before placing it in satin rollers.  I didn't detangle or comb my hair in anyway. I wore my satin bonnet and went to sleep.  When I removed the rollers I was a bit scared because it didn't look like I could possibly accomplish the look but I was determined to try my best.

The spiral curls I didn't separate but pulled width wise to make it full, I did the same with the satin roller curls.  I gently pulled my hair underneath from the roots to also add to the volume.

I couldn't master that sultry look Diana Ross has, and believe me I tried so......goofy??

The curls were soft, big and beautiful. I do need to work on this one but I really liked the end results.

 What do you guys think? Should this style be in the running for Fro Fashion Week?

Leave a comment & let me know what you think!


Tawana said…
OMG I saw this pix on facebook but I didn't know it was your diana pose. Hilarious!!!!!!! What are.satin rollers?

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