My Weight-loss Journey

My next journey is the one many choose as a New Years Resolution- Weight-loss... I have struggled with my weight and health for the last few years and I am ready for a change..Not a quick fix but a long steady life changing course..I expect bumps, turns and curves in the road but I am praying that I don't sit on the side of the street.  I am considered morbidly obese so my weight-loss plan is a little modified.  I will push myself extremely hard and I hope that I can get support from you guys (my readers).  I have more info about my struggles on my Body Tab so feel free to check it out.

My Plan:
I decided to attack my weight problem as a health issue so off to GNC I went. I had researched what my body was probably missing and my allergies so I had a good idea of what I wanted to do.

I knew the best thing to do was to get my body ready for a change by removing the toxins and the clerk agreed.  I chose the GNC 14 day body cleansing. The cost was $37.99 but it included everything I needed for the 14 days .  I also purchased the GNC Total Lean shake to use as a meal replacement for 2 of my daily meals.  I will have a well balanced meal for the third meal and 125 ounces of water per day...Yes, that's a lot of water.  I wont share my weight but I will tell you guys in 14 days if I increased or decreased.  I don't plan to weigh my self more than once every 2 weeks. I really hope you guys will share your weight-loss triumphs and bumps so that I have someone to share and support.  I will put a lot of info on my facebook page so please check it out.  At the time of this post I am on day 3 and I am trucking along!

Are you losing weight or getting healthy in 2012? What are you doing? Please share and leave a comment!


Tawana said…
Missy you can do it. I know a, lot of people hate new years resolutions, but I believe in them. I want to lose my baby weight and then some by spring. My plan is to simply make better food choices by cooking simple meals with fresh ingredients. support your efforts! If you need a walking buddy sometimes I'm here.

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