We share a Curl story- Jessicurl Review

Frofashionweek was an awesome event that gave me an opportunity to meet someone I didn't expect to impress me. It was the owner and creator of Jessicurl, Jessica McGuinty. I had seen advertisements in the past via email (curlmart) for Jessicurls but I dismissed it as not a product for a "kinky" curly lady like myself. I had no desire to try the product until I meet her.  Jessica was unveiling the new packaging for the product line at the event and she shared her experience of a love/hate relationship with her curls that I could relate to.  This wasn't a speech from a CEO to sell products it was a conversation with another sister that shared our story.  I was excited to try the products but I was still sceptical of a white lady with curls producing a product that could help this black lady with curls.
During the event I received a package of samples that I am using for this review. I washed, conditioned, deep conditioned and styled my hair with Jessicurl and here's my take:

Cleansing Cream: I used this product by applying root to tip, massaging over my scalp and separating and working through sections of my hair. The scent was pleasant and there was a light amount of lather. My hair had a lot of products in from the previous days of styling but after using the cream if felt light and clean.  My hair also seem to have a soft feel with curl defining emerging already.

Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner: I applied the conditioner immediately after cleansing root to tip to my hair using it to detangle. The scent was pleasent but the conditioner seemed to be too light for me. This is not the deep conditioner but it didn't provide the slip I am use to getting to allow me to detangle without me crying (still tender-headed and not ashamed). 

Deep Conditioning Treatment: After rinsing the Too Shea (after 5 minutes) I applied the treatment. This was the conditioner for me! It provided moisture to my hair immediately.  Detangling was done without one tear falling and my curls began to take center stage. The directions mentioned that it could also be used as a leave in and that is what I decided to do.

Confident Coils: I decided to try this product 3 ways.  I used it to do 2 strand twists, bantu knot out and as a wash n go. I twisted the front left side of my hair using about a dime size amount of the CC. My hair was damp and my twists were stretch and beautiful. The right side of my head I followed the packaging instructions and used very damp hair. I used about the size of a nickel of the CC and racked it through using my fingers.  My curls were well defined and moisturized, frizz was no where in sight. Lastly the bantu knot out...I used the wash n go section by twisting and placing it into three knots. i let it dry overnight, the waves were deep and soft but  slightly frizzier than I am use to.
two strand twists

bantu knots

wash n go
 Two thumbs up for the Cleansing Cream & Deep Conditioner. I will definitely purchase these in the future. My hair is colored and dry and the deep conditioner provided instant results.  The cleansing cream offered a feeling of complete removal of build up without drying. I recommend you give it a try!

One thumb up for the Confident Coils. It is good for those who like wash and gos or  similar styles. I did like the effects on my two strand twists but didn't like the results of the bantu knots.  I do have a problem with following directions but my modified version doesn't have the styling preference I enjoy.

 The jury is still out on Too Shea... I plan to try this product again after treating some of the damage to my hair.  There have been products that I would say leave at the store, and although this conditioner wasn't impressive to me, I cant make that statement here.  This is worth a try and another look.
I hope to use this product in a upcoming giveaway and I believe Jessicurl is worth a try. Would love to see the results on non-colored & other hair textures, would you be interested in giving Jessicurl a try? Have you tried any of there products?  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.
* this is an independant review..I wasn't paid for my opinion


Lawanda said…
I would love to do a giveaway for this product so leave your comments and let me know if you would like to try Jessicurl
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed Fro Fashion Week... We have to go again. I am going to try my samples of Jessicurl soon.
Anonymous said…
I had to use anonymous to post.
Anonymous said…
via twitter:@anaturaltwist
@mslawanda yeahhhhhh I here her products are awesome!
Anonymous said…
via twitter: @Jessicurl
@mslawanda I appreciate your honest and candid review, thanks. :) Your twists look awesome!! :)
Anonymous said…
via twitter:@napturalroots
@MSLawanda has posted a great review of the Jessicurl products. Have you tried @Jessicurl products? Let us know...
Anonymous said…
I would love to try them! -@TVegasWifey
toy1 said…
I think mom would luv this style.

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