Coloring my hair is not a choice its a necessity...my self esteem seems to be tied to the exposure of the white hairs peeking out in random areas on my head.  I was a faithful user of Dark n Lovely but my natural hair wasn't happy with the breakage and severe dryness I was experiencing. I previously tried a henna product at Sally's but it wasn't pleasant.  The smell was awful, the color was minimal and it was extremely messy.  I tried to go without color and after the increase in sleeping and consulption of Mountain Dew I realize it was making me depressed.  I decided to give henna another try.  I went to the local health food store (Earth Fare) on a search to find a great product and hopefully achieve great results.
Surya Brasil Henna Powder (red) $6.99

They had a few choices and I selected the red. It was $6.99 w/o tax and the kit included: powder henna, small pack of honey, gloves, plastic cap & instructions. My goal was to cover the white hair and achieve red highlights at minimum throughout the remainder of my hair.  I washed my hair with shampoo (hoping to remove any product buildup) and followed the directions...i remained with the plastic cap on for 45 minutes. Here are the pictures....

A small package of honey was included & along with water it was added.

The smell wasn't the best but not as strong as before so I was able to tolerate it.  I felt as if I was connecting to my ancestry with that henna packed on my hair. I will now show a before close-up of my edges and an after.  The white is gone and a bright red almost orange color replaces it. The color has gotten brighter as the sun has penetrated it but all in all I am happy. Check my facebook fan page for updated photos of the color after I have styled it.


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