Sunday, January 29, 2017

Adventures in Couponing

 I am in no way a seasoned couponer but I am learning to get the products I need at a very low
cost.  For the past year, several of my digital friends have been pleading with me to start couponing.  I don't know why but the anxiety would move to 10 when I reach the register with coupons in my hand.  I follow directions to the letter and if for any reason something seem to being be going left.... Abandon Abandon is what I scream (inside) and leave the store immediately. Well, I've gotten better! I am less anxious but still following directions.  My favorite teacher is The Krazy Coupon Lady... She has a wonderful blog and even an app.  She makes couponing so much easier by doing most of the work for you.  

The key to couponing is to have patience, a Sunday paper, a printer, some popular apps and a little time to shop & organize.  Each week I'm going to highlight a few deals that I'm going to try that are simple to execute. This week the deal is a money maker at CVS .  Yes, this deal will put some coins in your pocket. Make sure you have an ibotta account.  (If you are new to ibotta use my link and you will make $10 more on this deal).....

Store: CVS
Coupon: $0.75 off 1 Werther's Original Sugar free coupon at 
ibotta credit: $0.75
Out of Pocket: $0.54
Final Cost: $0.21 to you

The candy is valid  for the 1.46oz size ($1.29)
This deal leaves ibotta on 1/30 so move on this one! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Jumping in with both Feet!

 Oh how I have missed you guys! I've come to my site a few times, drafted a few posts but just couldn't publish them.  I was worn out, feeling like I had nothing else to give.  I have been freelancing for other people writing for their genres and it became such a chore to carve out time for my own thoughts. I've shared moments, products and challenges on my social media outlets but no blog posts.  I didnt want to talk about politics anymore and that was consuming me.  I decided to return to meditating and while I was searching to hear my own thoughts, it became clear.... Get back to As the Wind Blows! So I'm here and I'm back!  I am still freelancing but I have created a wonderful schedule to keep me on tract to grab my coins and still give quality time to my first love.  I have decided to give you a new format of new content set to a schedule... (fingers crossed) There will be Fitness Friday, Saving Sunday, Finding Love (Wednesday) and RocketCity Love (Thursday)... I will still do product reviews and tutorials but haven't carved a specific day for those yet.  I will be sharing my review of  The Mane Choice next week which will include my 60 day journey with their vitamins and products from the hair care line. So enough of me chatting about why I wasn't here.. Lets get it started! Time for Fitness Friday!

Every year I try to begin with a new dedication to fitness that I am sure will be a success but.... Well I shouldnt say that they haven't been successful but not the runaway 10,000 likes on my Before/After pics on Instagram successful.  This year (somewhat like last year), I wanted to focus on bad habits and and finding ways to replace them. 

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