Thursday, April 28, 2016

Let's see what all the Buzz is about! Gwynnie Bee Review

I've seen Facebook ads, bloggers sharing but it wasn't until I watched Corrissa (@fatgirlflow) unboxing on her Youtube channel that I decided to give Gwynnie Bee a try. Gwynnie Bee is a clothing subscription service that allows you to try and possibly purchase amazing fashion for those who wear sizes 10-32.  Many of the designers are unknown to the average consumer such as Indie designers & High End Labels so its a treat in every box.  They offer a 30 day FREE trial to let you experience so I thought Why Not?

The Process:

After clicking the link and entering my personal, mailing and credit card info (I choice the 3 items at a time package) They verify your credit card but you are not charged during the 30 day trial!

Now for the fun part! You need to build your virtual closet.... You browse the website and select items that you would like to try. You can filter your shopping by category, size etc to make selecting easier. When you have at least 20 items in your closet, they will begin shipping you items.  You can continue to add items, which they recommend, to make sure your closet is continuously fully stocked. Items are shipped via USPS Priority, you will receive email confirmation and tracking to let you know when your package should arrive.

Friday, April 22, 2016

#BreakTheWalls - Shea Moisture Showing us How!

Shea Moisture has been my favorite hair brand since 2011 when I began documenting  my natural hair  journey. ( Here's a Throwback post - CLICK HERE) I've been impressed  with the ingredients, the company philosophy and the results. Anytime I'm asked to give a suggestion on an amazing line to try... Shea Moisture rolls off the tongue without hesitation....

Well they have made me a bigger fan! No, its not the inclusion of amazing bath & body products that allow a woman who is allergic to everything to use without worries, or the Men's line that my husband raves about to his friends & family not even the wonderful kids/baby line that makes me the life of every baby shower with them included in my gift bag....  It is the launch of this AMAZING commercial and the bigger goal they have demanded & achieved for women, men & kids that look just like me...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Love is Waiting.... On You!

Falling in Love. Finding your Soul Mate. Discovering the One... Humans determine their success on accomplishing the goal of finding someone to make their life complete.  The need to be protected, loved and cherished is extremely important and becomes overwhelming and daunting. It's scary, un-nerving but NATURAL!

The problem arises in the approach.

We roam through the world looking for love as if  it will appear like a rainbow after a rainy day or as if its the most elusive act like finding a needle in a haystack. When its neither unless you make it that way.  Love is abundantly available for everyone! Yes, even you, especially you! I ask that you simply get out of your own way and make room for it.  Open your mind to a simply but controversial approach to find a life long companion that will be everything you didn't know you wanted and more.

What if I told you I could guarantee that you will have what you want in a relationship in 6 months? 

That you will be so in love, so content and have a feeling of bliss you never thought possible..... You would think....  She's crazy, Right?  Well I'm extremely sane but I know that I can help you find true love....

If you are looking to make that man you meet at Subway, who doesn't have a job , 3 kids with 3 women and never comes home before 4 AM  marry you... You are perfect for this Webinar!

If you have been dating for a while and the right one doesn't seem to be the one you're lying next too... You are perfect for this Webinar!

If you have your career on track, your finances together and can't find someone to meet your resume... You are perfect for this Webinar!

If you simply want to learn and are open to new way to approach Life & Love... You are perfect for this Webinar!

Reserve your Spot Today for this FREE Webinar: Finding Love by Loving You!

Spaces are Limited! 

** is my business website. I hope you guys don't mind me sharing a little over here :-) **

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