#BreakTheWalls - Shea Moisture Showing us How!

Shea Moisture has been my favorite hair brand since 2011 when I began documenting  my natural hair  journey. ( Here's a Throwback post - CLICK HERE) I've been impressed  with the ingredients, the company philosophy and the results. Anytime I'm asked to give a suggestion on an amazing line to try... Shea Moisture rolls off the tongue without hesitation....

Well they have made me a bigger fan! No, its not the inclusion of amazing bath & body products that allow a woman who is allergic to everything to use without worries, or the Men's line that my husband raves about to his friends & family not even the wonderful kids/baby line that makes me the life of every baby shower with them included in my gift bag....  It is the launch of this AMAZING commercial and the bigger goal they have demanded & achieved for women, men & kids that look just like me...

Shea Moisture has challenged the world to #BreakTheWalls of what is beauty... They have challenged me to stop accepting and being grateful for my "Ethnic Isle" and open my mind to the fact that my beauty is transcended across all races. I'm proud to walk down the isles of my Target stores and see my products on all  the shelves not just in a section! Thank you Shea Moisture! I won't let your efforts be in vain.

PS... I'm currently obsessed with their Tinted Moisturizer too!


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