About Me

Natural Hair Maven
My journey back to my natural curls began in August 2007.  I made a leap of faith in many aspects of my life. I moved from my hometown of Detroit,MI with my husband & three children to Madison,AL because i liked the way i felt when i was there(a 3 day vacation). We didn't have jobs , no friends & distant relatives only.  I decided i wanted to also be my most authentic self.  It was time  to Big Chop(BC) and my youngest son also chose to grow dread-locs.

There have been a few times i have thought about, looked & even walked onto the ledge over the river of "creamy crack" but I never jumped in. I am happy with the choices I have made and I hope to inspire, encourage & teach others by the words I write on this blog.  The ride maybe bumpy in the beginning but it will smooth out ( some) very soon.

Huntsville Lover
Madison/Huntsville is my adopted home. I have lived here since 2007 and I have come to love the people, the culture, the air and the sweet tea. I attend many local functions, grand openings and press events and love sharing them with my readers. I hope you can view my new city from my pictures and words and fall in love just as I have.

Product Junkie
I love conducting product reviews! If you have a product you would like for me to try and share with my readers please contact me.  I will always give a respectable & honest evaluation.  Simply send me an email about the product and I will provide an address to send the merchandise.  Contact me at mslawanda@asthewindblows.org 

TV Fanatic
Televison is my escape and I enjoy discussing my favorite plots, the ratchetness of "reality tv" and the history of documentaries. I host live chats on twitter and enjoy the feedback and discussion with others.

Plus-Size Diva
Weight? Weight! Weight......I didn't have a problem with my weight growing up like many. My problem began after giving birth.  I went from a size 9 before my 1st son was born to a 14 after his birth.  Then  I had a bad break up with a bit of depression and by the time I was pregnant with my 2nd child I was a size 18 (7 years later). I didn't drop the baby weight so when I became pregnant with my 3rd child I was a size 22/24.  I lost a little weight after the last child & briefly went down to a 18/20 again, but I have gained it all back plus some. 

I am now a 26/28 and over 35 years old, losing weight has become a chore! I am determined to get back to a 12/14.....I have a lot of obstacles but I wont let them stop me. This blog will  be a place that I share my ups & downs as I juggle my body....
Some of my obstacles:
* allergic to many foods like all seafood, tomatoes, oranges, nuts etc
* allergic to chlorine (no water aerobics)
* bad knees
* severe hemorrhoids

Things I have going for me:
* Child of God with tons of Faith
* Supportive family that supports me 100%
* Determination
* Great attitude

Big Momma
My family is top priority in my life. I have been married since 1996 & have three children. Family life is always complicated but I never quit.  Finding a way to solve my issues or cope with them is how i approach the challenges.  I am open about my struggles because the only way hardships & triumphs can truly be experienced is when you share and allow others to learn and grow from them. I am the oldest sibling,  the "Big Momma" to my cousins, neighbors and friends so family dilemmas extend in that direction too....So candid moments, hard choices & strong opinions will be seen when reading posts about Family! I hope to help my readers find their inner superhero to be successful juggling family.

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