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This tutorial will help you navigate through the With Gods Grace, Plan on It or This is Your Year Digital Planner in PDF form on the Apple iPad with or without the Apple Pencil. This video can be viewed as many times as you like from this page,  just click the video and a separate page will open connecting you to Youtube for easy viewing. Any questions feel free to contact me and I will make sure you can get the most out of your new Digital Planner. 


This tutorial will give you a great overview of the GoodNote 5 app. I will show you how to upload your planner into the GoodNotes 5 app and use the tools to make it fun and productive.  The exclusive stickers are compatible only in note taking apps like GoodNotes or One Note (Microsoft).  This video will show you multiple ways to use the stickers to make the  planner uniquely yours.


Microsoft One Note Tutorial

The planners can be viewed and used in One Note but they ARE NOT fully functional.  Unfortunately I am not going to be able to recommend Microsoft One Note unless you are very familiar with this app and would not need much guidance. It has been very glitchy and unreliable for me. I will list this brief overview for uploading the planner but there isn’t much more I can offer. I have also included some resource videos that may be of some help.   Coming soon are buildable templates that can work a little more seamless with this app.  


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