Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#BlogLikeCrazy with See Jane Write

Well, I'm suppose to be offering you guys some amazing, life changing and intelligently written blog posts everyday in the month of November but I've already screwed that up beginning on the 3rd... So, although the beautiful Javacia Bowser at See Jane Write has created a 30 day writing challenge to push us bloggers.... I'm going to just do some minor adjustments and make it a 28 day challenge LOL

Blogging daily is HARD! I currently work a 9-5, have 2 kids & a husband at home (so basically 3 kids), I
do social media work for clients, I'm getting a non-profit off the ground, collaborating on a upcoming launch with the Queen of Coils (Coilyencounters-Marci) and working out at Planet Fitness but I will make it work. No excuses! Like Sean "Puffy" Combs said, "I can sleep when I'm dead". Don't know why that came to mind and I'm sure he didn't create the phrase but you get it, Right?  This challenge will hopefully push me to improve my time management skills, connect more with you guys, improve my writing and re-kindle my love and commitment to my baby,

Yes, this is a bit of a "get by" post ( no denial here) but I'm ready for the journey. I hope you guys will hop on board and enjoy the ride!

Follow the hashtag #BlogLikeCrazy on Twitter to discover some other amazing bloggers that will be daily blogging  in the month of November!

What are my chances? Would the house bet on me? Place your chips, the wheel is spinning in 3..2...1...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Can I get rid of Cable? I really want to give this a try but must admit that I'm a little scared. Every month frustration surrounds me when I receive and open my new cable bill.  I find myself screaming at my undeserving family (even though they should expect it now)  that I am going to tell my cable company where to go and how to get there but some how I concede and pay it.

I have tried bundling to save money, eliminating services and threats of leaving all to produce only
temporary fixes.  Yes, they will give me a credit and re-arrange things on the bill but somehow within 2 to 3 months its back to $200 again.  Its so annoying, but I need to watch my shows! (Yes I said NEED) Well I decided to research ways to watch the programming I need, while reduce my monthly expenses and dependability on my local cable company.

Many networks offer next day viewing of their shows via their website or company apps. Some require verification of a cable subscription by entering your email and password (given by your cable company) while others simply want you to increase there app viewing and deal with the commercials.  Must have programming: All the major networks (FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS), OWN, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, A&E, History Channel, TV ONE, HGTV & BET (only for Being Mary Jane)

Could I simply Pay:

Internet Service (Local Cable Company)
Netflix $11.99 per month
(they have a cheaper plan but it has a limited amount of devices so I like this one for my family)
Sling TV 19.99 month
HBO Go 14.99 month
ShowtimeAnytime 14.99 month
CBS Access 5.99 month they offer live TV in 110 markets so far but unfortunately for me my area isn't one of them


HBO Go... no cable subscription needed for $14.99 per month
ShowtimeAnytime: no cable subscription needed for $14.99 per month

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