Friday, May 24, 2013

Dax? What Dax? Yes Dax Roots for Natural hair..

***This review is sponsored by Coily Encounters. Check out her great Facebook community ----> Click Here .... Blog ----> Click Here ... YouTube ----> Click Here  ***

The Review:

When I was first told that I would be reviewing a couple of products from Dax I was confused... The only products that came to mind were for waves in men.... Did she want my son to do the review? I decided to wait until the products arrived and keep an open mind.

Dax was a sponsor of the Coily Encounters Greenville, South Carolina INHMD event so I tried a few of the samples provided to the VIP Swag Bag guests. To my surprise Dax had began a new line of Petroleum/Paraben Free products under the title Dax Roots and I would be giving their Olive Cream & Bergamot Butter a try.

I decided to use my daughter Miss Tia for this review because my hair had just recently been styled with another product.

Final Assessment:

 I thought both the Olive Cream & Bergamot Butter were just okay giving them a 6 out of 10... I didn't feel
as if the Olive Cream used as a leave in provided as much moisture as I like but it did give some. I like a heavier product because our hair is so very thick. I will re-visit this product on my hair and share those results. The Bergamot Butter was better but it just didn't wow me.  I would probably use this product in combination with some of my favorites to make it better (a different leave in & one of my favorite oils). I styled Miss Tia's hair in a chunky twist out and the results were good. 

I think its worth a try if you like a lighter leave in and styler.  I wouldn't call this a EPIC FAIL it just just didn't have me wanting more. I don't think she will get second day hair without reapplying.

** Price (per website) Bergamot Butter & Olive Cream  $13.50 7.5 oz **

See More Pic of Miss Tia on Instagram @modelexperience & @Mslawanda

Have you tried the Dax Roots line? What experience did you have?

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Product Review: Can Cantu Shea Butter do any wrong? Not in my eyes..

I decided to put my big girl panties on and give Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream a try... Check out my latest Vlog reviewing the product...

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No more blog? Hello Vlog!

Thank you to everyone for supporting my blog! It has been great over the years but I know have to change the way I share with you guys... Im nervous and don't know how this will go but I hope you will take this journey with me..

Madison Derby Day & Family weekend

Saturday May 4, 2013 is the Kentucky Derby and although my family was unable to attend the yearly tradition of big hats, fast horses and fun in Louisville.. my town of Madison, Alabama did a great job of offering a great alternative... They call it Madison Derby Day... this event was a family friendly event that allowed us to socialize with other residents, introduce us to local small businesses, eat some great food, be entertain by local musicians and dancers and of course watch the Kentucky Derby on large screen televisions with neighbors and friends.  This was the first time I attended and my family had a great time.  Here are some pictures from the event and some of the great business owners I got a chance to meet...


Local businesses like The Jill Heffernan Group of Keller Williams supported the event . The ladies showed their derby spirit with beautiful hats and provided guests with freebies and information. They are the best in Madison and it shows in how they took time out to participate with residents. Check them out 

Here is Jennifer Griswelll a nice lady that I spoke with who is an independent consultant for a company called Origami Owl. This company sales custom jewelry that you will love.  Great gift ideas and pieces that you would cherish. I purchased a necklace and charm that kept calling my name. The prices are economical and the quality was great! Visit her site and find something you will cherish at 

Somehow I didn't get the information about this vendor but they had the creamiest italian  desert that I had ever tasted. It was great. I will have to update later the name of the company. 

This great fudge shop in downtown Madison was a hidden jewel for my family.The Whistle Stop Sweet Shop 's Tiger Butter had my husband & son in a fudge nirvana. This will be a summer destination for the Stevenson crew.

Cristen Smith of Flashlights & Fireflies was kind enough to offer visitors of the event free pictures with fun props to celebrate the Madison Derby Day.. my husband nd I had fun being silly. I had a chance to check out the Facebook page of Flashlights & Fireflies and she does great work. I am hoping to take family portraits this summer and intend to give her a call! Check out her facebook page here ----> click here for more info. 

Jalen & Tia didn't want to participate at first but I'm glad they did... the picture game out great ..they even agreed. 

Saturday May 4 was also National Comic Book Day so we visited the local comic book store here in Madison to get a free comic book and see what they had to offer.  Haven is located on Slaughter road just before Highway 72 and its a great store. It was a little hard to find but once we realize the complex had stores in the back we found it with no problem.  They have comics for adults and kids so check them out.

Tia at the Haven Comic book store with the cape crusader himself LOL! It was a fun day.

We plan to attend even more events locally, its  great way to meet new people and spend time together as a family. Do you have any summer plans in your hometown? Share them below, I enjoy reading your comments!  

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