Natural Hair Sorority & Fraternity - Truth vs Fiction Part 2

Part 2

One of the major concerns I have come across on twitter is the decision by your organization to call it a sorority. Why was this necessary and did you worry about offending Greek organizations that have been in existence especially in the black community for years?

Mrs Anifowoshe became emotional again, informing me the decision to become a sorority was spiritual based and out of deep respect for the presence, reputation and honor  sororities have.  She also felt that the word sorority meant "sisterhood" and that was the feeling she wanted to promote. She saw this sorority more as an hybrid of the traditional and a place where woman could have fun, support the community & love their natural selves. Mrs. Anifowoshe was also willing to share that she felt calling the organization Pi Nappa Kappa vs Healthy Hair Society (her previous cover) would make it more "buzz" worthy and that it did.

Through her emotion of disappointment there was a small bit of anger that she was needing to answer questions.  She felt that in corporate America we, the black community, has to answer for everything and she didn't understand why she needed to answer in her "natural hair" community to empower and educate.

I asked about a few other questions from my followers & readers: (summarized)

Why the 10K by the December deadline?  It was a milestone, to give a since of accomplishment and to make the members who were pioneers have distinction.

Once I "like" the FB page will I be a member?  No. You will be given a number but you must electronically sign the pledge to be a full member.

Will the FB page always be open to the public or will there be a secret element to the sorority? We are still in the beginning stages of everything.  There will be information that will be separated for members only but our goal is to educate and embrace the community.  We have many things planned, currently  working on a website and dealing with the problems  already encountered with trademark issues but we are still new 7 weeks.  People need to compare us fairly...apples to apples. 

Is this an opportunity to mislead the community and make money? No! I am a business woman and I a Christian woman.  I give to the community and I do this because I am lead and have a passion to do so.  Mrs Anifowoshe offers that she is very known and active in the Houston, Texas community. She mention that the sorority was taken part in the 1st Natural hair parade on Saturday.

Well there is no doubt that Leola Anifowoshe is passionate about natural hair and her calling to contribute to the community.  I am still a little taken aback by the attacks against her so quickly.  I do not plan to join the sorority (although I liked their page ???) but not because I am against it but because I am in a more time consuming one Momma/Wife.  I think the community that scooped me up, trained me, made me laugh and welcomed me home needs to take a moment and breathe.
Instead of denouncing this sorority, how about sending some guidance and concerns. Remember there is always two sides to every story and at the end of the day we are sisters with the same goal just on a different journey.

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