Road to FroFashionWeek

Well guys, my friend Annie & I have decided to go to Atlanta this coming weekend for the final days of FroFashionWeek.  I have to admit that I am very excited.  I have attended hair shows and meet ups before but this event just gives me a different vibe.  I'm not sure if its the advertisements of being a upscale & classy event or the fact that I'm a closet Kim Coles fanatic but I cant wait.

We will leave Alabama very early in the morning on Saturday to try and be apart of all the events they have plan for the day. Annie and I will be doing them all, well maybe not the yoga . The organizers have also set up a lunch for all registered bloggers and vloggers which I cant wait to be a part of. I plan to take you guys with me by blogging, tweeting & posting on my FB page during the entire event

Annie doesn't know it yet but we will be the Oprah & Gayle of natural hair on this road trip.  I will be "Oprah" with my pre-fabulous hair and make-up in the car and my comfy clothes & Annie will be the driver and most together one.  I pray the Hotel Melia  lets us check in early...don't want to be walking the shopping runway with flexirods and no concealer!

This trip will also be done on a budget..(pray for me)...I intend to have a fabulous time and show the budget conscience women out there it can be done with minimum stress to your bank account.  I began this journey by planning ahead...Here's what I have done:

  1.  Early bird special...I bought my tickets early. This is a plus for me as well as the event organizers.. We will also get a nice swag bag!
  2.  Partner in crime... I found a friend who wanted to go as much as I did and would be willing to purchase and plan ahead also...we will share the costs for transportation & hotel
  3.  Booked room...we saved money by pre-paying for the room on top of the negotiated rate from the event it also included a free breakfast..(2 meals to go!)
  4.  Wardrobe..hopefully this will turn out Fab (love Kimora) but I refreshed some clothes I already had in my closets with new jewelry from my favorite store, Charming Charlie, and new hair styles.

I will take with me $150 of which $35 will be my portion of gas leaving me $115..I have no intention on spending more than $65 including meals & shopping. This should be a great time so join me! Follow me and I will let you experience it the way I do..including my adventure getting there...Enjoy!


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