Maybe the Luck of The Irish will come my Way!

Theoretically I love to travel. I look forward  to the exposure to new cuisines, immersing myself in the culture/customs and the stamps on my passport. Exploring the landscapes from my favorite television shows like Vera, Shetland and The Fall, retracing the steps of the characters and showing off my newly acquired accent. Meeting up with friends that share little know facts, visiting off the beaten path restaurants like an amateur Anthony Bourdain (RIP),relive the adventure over and over again through my one of a kind SnapChat stories, Instagram post and jaw dropping Facebook Live sessions.  The only problem is that I have never traveled abroad in my life.  Well when I resided in Michigan I went to Canada (Windsor, Toronto and Niagara Falls) but I simply needed to furnish my drivers license and I was in and out in a flash.  I don't have a passport, I am a wee bit afraid of flying, I am allergic to just about everything, my weight has me examining every distant and seat that i may need to wrangle and my bank account is saying Whoa Nelly!

But..... My cousin just invited me (Well semi invited me... I asked to go) to Ireland in June 2019!The
original offer was a cousins trip to Atlanta but no offense to the ATL, I been there - done that. She then offered (wink) to cover the living arrangements with flight and spending money my only concern for the next 365 days. I got so excited. I started looking for flights, sharing my upcoming plans with my family, reading Visit Ireland blogs and then it hit me. What the hell was I thinking? Had I lost my mind? Reality check! I am currently a freelance, entrepreneur, small business owner... basically fancy words for "broke" individual. My digestive system only works part time, my body negatively reacts to 80% of the food in this world, I'm a bit afraid of flying and a seat belt extender is how i greet the flight attended before boarding.

So here we are, odds against me but I am cheesing like a kid in a free candy store.  I have decided I
will beat the odds and with  the Luck of the Irish be drinking whiskey in Dublin this time next year.What is my plan you say? I have decided to kick start my business and truly focus on taking paid clients. I am going to save every dollar towards this trip of a lifetime.  I want to be as healthy as I can be so I am jump starting my diet too.  Protein has always been good to me so Low Carb is the perfect choice for me. I am going to strive to loose 100 pounds in a year with dieting and exercising. Finally I have created an Go Fund Me page in hopes that lovers of travel and people who pity me decide to donate and help my cause. I am going to share every step of this journey with you guys. Make sure you are following me on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram so you won't miss a step.  I will also update monthly here on the blog.

Have you traveled to Ireland? Any suggestions? Have you tried a Low Carb diet? Any fun receipes?

Leave your comments below, I love reading them!


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