Jumping in with both Feet!

 Oh how I have missed you guys! I've come to my site a few times, drafted a few posts but just couldn't publish them.  I was worn out, feeling like I had nothing else to give.  I have been freelancing for other people writing for their genres and it became such a chore to carve out time for my own thoughts. I've shared moments, products and challenges on my social media outlets but no blog posts.  I didnt want to talk about politics anymore and that was consuming me.  I decided to return to meditating and while I was searching to hear my own thoughts, it became clear.... Get back to As the Wind Blows! So I'm here and I'm back!  I am still freelancing but I have created a wonderful schedule to keep me on tract to grab my coins and still give quality time to my first love.  I have decided to give you a new format of new content set to a schedule... (fingers crossed) There will be Fitness Friday, Saving Sunday, Finding Love (Wednesday) and RocketCity Love (Thursday)... I will still do product reviews and tutorials but haven't carved a specific day for those yet.  I will be sharing my review of  The Mane Choice next week which will include my 60 day journey with their vitamins and products from the hair care line. So enough of me chatting about why I wasn't here.. Lets get it started! Time for Fitness Friday!

Every year I try to begin with a new dedication to fitness that I am sure will be a success but.... Well I shouldnt say that they haven't been successful but not the runaway 10,000 likes on my Before/After pics on Instagram successful.  This year (somewhat like last year), I wanted to focus on bad habits and and finding ways to replace them. 

 I watched a video on Facebook about a mother and daughter team that set out to see how much weight they could lose in 100 days.  They took video of themselves daily to watch their transformation and although they had ups and downs, they found success.  I was so inspired and it made me think, What could you do in 100 days? Instead of looking at the 365 days of the year as a whole, I could do 3 sets of 100... See, my mind is already in exercise mode! My first goal for the first 25 days is to consume 128 ounces (1 gallon) of water daily, begin tracking my daily steps and increasing them weekly.  
So I began this journey on January 2 and lets say, according to my iPhone, I am bedridden.... Seriously I'm  barely moving... So anything is going to be an improvement for me.  I started with
about 650 steps and I am now minimum 3500! I haven't hit my goal on water every day but I have drank at least 80 ounces.  I am feeling so much better, my energy has increased and I have lost 13.5 pounds!  Yes, my first 25 days have been great.  

So how about you join me on the next 25 days of the first 100! I have achieved walking one mile for 3 days now and I intend to this for one more week then increase it... My goal is to be walking 2 miles daily and no excuses 128 ounces of water daily.  I will also be replacing one meal a day with a green smoothie with protein and fiber, taking a vegan multi-vitamin, b-12, extra calcium and my hair vitamin.  I'm feeling extremely positive and with my wonderful Apple Watch (gift from my baby girl), I will knock these 25 days out in no time.... Well in 25 days, LOL!!

If you use an Apple Watch and want to share your stats with me, let me know on social media! You can find me on Instagram & Twitter @mslawanda or on Snapchat @itsmslawanda ... Next Friday I will share my smoothie recipes and experiences! I hope you'll share your goals, achievements and set backs with me. We can do this together! #100Days 


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