Let's see what all the Buzz is about! Gwynnie Bee Review

I've seen Facebook ads, bloggers sharing but it wasn't until I watched Corrissa (@fatgirlflow) unboxing on her Youtube channel that I decided to give Gwynnie Bee a try. Gwynnie Bee is a clothing subscription service that allows you to try and possibly purchase amazing fashion for those who wear sizes 10-32.  Many of the designers are unknown to the average consumer such as Indie designers & High End Labels so its a treat in every box.  They offer a 30 day FREE trial to let you experience so I thought Why Not?

The Process:

After clicking the link and entering my personal, mailing and credit card info (I choice the 3 items at a time package) They verify your credit card but you are not charged during the 30 day trial!

Now for the fun part! You need to build your virtual closet.... You browse the website and select items that you would like to try. You can filter your shopping by category, size etc to make selecting easier. When you have at least 20 items in your closet, they will begin shipping you items.  You can continue to add items, which they recommend, to make sure your closet is continuously fully stocked. Items are shipped via USPS Priority, you will receive email confirmation and tracking to let you know when your package should arrive.

The Arrival:

The items are shipped with free shipping both ways. I loved the presentation of the items and the

convenience of fully labeled bags to return the items when I was ready. I received 2 dresses and one
skirt. Each item fit great but..... Dress 1 was not my cup of tea... the print was okay but it was a body con dress (snug body hugging) and I cant wear shapewear so it was not an option.  The second dress also was perfect in my size but the pattern was terrible.  I took pics and shared on Snapchat but immediately placed them in the bags to return.  My last selection was a cute shark print skater skirt that I truly loved.  The material was heavy (not winter material/not cheap) , the fit was right and it had pockets!

The Return:

The next day I dropped my package at the post office (outside in a mailbox) then logged into my account and selected the option to inform them which items were on the way back. The items I returned were not worn but if they were, you would simply send them back and they will handle laundering the items!  Gwynnie Bee has a smart phone app that you can download from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (android) that makes it even easier to fill your closet or contact them!  I received email confirmation that they were getting my package together and again  when the next 2 items were shipped.  From the time I dropped my package off until the time I received the next 2 items was about 4 days... Wow, how cool is that!


During the Free 30- day trial you can chose from 1, 2 or 3 items out at a time... I recommend trying with the 3 items so you can get a real feel of the  quality of the clothing, the selection and the ease of exchanging.

1 item out    $49 monthly                    5 items out  $139 monthly                                            
2 items out  $69 monthly                    7 items out  $179 monthly
3 items out  $95 monthly                   10 items out $199 monthly


I really like this service and I really only found one real con... You can not pick the order that they send the items. You can select that items are a priority to you but with 3 shipments, I haven't received one of my priority items yet. So you can not plan an outfit for an event unless you have received in and chose to keep it until the special date.


Gwynnie Bee gives you the option to purchase any of the items for a discounted rate. For example the Cherry Velvet brand dress in the above picture has a retail value of $172.50 and their price is $90.50 so you can purchase and save 47% or wear it as much as you like and send it back when you've take too many pictures in it LOL! I am enjoying this free trial and I am considering subscribing because its a great way to not wear the same thing twice.

 I share my looks and opening of the packages in my Snapchat story so make sure you're following me to see some of the other looks!

Have you tried renting a wardrobe? Give it a try and share your experience with me!

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