Walmart Grocery - Easy Peasy

My free #SparkDelight with my order
I had the opportunity to give Walmart's New online Grocery service a try and I was pleasantly surprised.   I wasn't sure if the website would offer all the items I normally purchase  but figured what could it hurt.  I was able to log in using my log in info and off to the races I went.  You can shop by category, suggested items or look for specific items in the search bar. Selecting multiple items was extremely easy and I actually found everything I was looking for.  I did hope to do same day pick up (taking it too far) but next day service was available.  Walmart Grocery presents you with a page of time slots available to pick up your groceries in one hour time slots.   I selected a 8am -9 am slot and was ready to see how this worked.  The Madison Blvd (Madison, AL) has a designated area for grocery pick up with signs directing you to the correct isle to drive into.  I received a phone call from the store an hour before my schedule pick up letting me know that my order was ready and to confirm what time I would be there to pick up.

I was supposed to be there at 8am but didn't arrive on time but my groceries where out and in my car in less than 5 minutes of my arrival.  I simply pulled into the designated area, pushed the call button and let the associated know my name.  The associate was very nice, explained the two substitutions on my order (extremely minor & upgrade) and I signed for my delivery.   The groceries would have been placed in my vehicle by the associate but I was in such a rush that I assisted. The Walmart employee provided me with a receipt of my purchases and a free tote bag with goodies that they call #SparkDelight It was an around pleasant experience.  They do not allow tipping, just a smile & a thank you is accepted. 

I believe that I will use it again on occasion especially when I know we will have bad weather, an event that I will be pressed for time or simply a trying week.  This service is great for those who have problems walking far distances, small children you don't want to take out the car or busy lives.  Walmart Grocery currently only allows payment via credit or debit cards for , which was a bit odd that you couldn't use a Walmart card but it has no fees associated with this service so it's worth a try. 

I have a nice referral code for you guys, If use this link you will receive $10 off your order! Walmart Grocery isn't available in all areas but click the link, put in your zipcode and see if you can give this service a try!

Have you tried grocery pick up? What was your experience? Share, I love to hear your thoughts!


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