Will Work for Food? I Will Work for Netflix!

Netflix is truly becoming a powerhouse in the business.... Not for simply offering a great place to watch movies, television shows and specials from your favorite networks and actors but a destination to find exclusive programming.  Netflix offers new content- "Netflix Originals"... these are shows that they produce directly and can only be viewed with your subscription.  Their concept of giving you the entire season on release day builds your excitement and addiction to a high level.  If you are captivated by the show, you constantly have to debate with yourself to determine if you should binge watch it all or restrict yourself to stretching the viewing time.  Twitter can be  your refuge to find others wrestling with the same internal struggle. Some of my favorite shows are House of Cards, Peaky Blinders, Marco Polo and Daredevil.... Each of these shows offer a fulfillment in a completely different way.

House of Cards is my political drama with intrigue, deception, intellect and the best one liners in the
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business delivered my the amazing Kevin Spacey.  This series is on its third season, and although this last seasons lacked some of the thrill I have grown to expect from Season 1 and 2,  anticipation for Season 4 is still high.  Peaky Blinders gives me a gangster show that catches you by surprise with its story lines that pull you in and has you wondering how you watched 5 episodes without realizing it. Thomas Shelby(actor Cillian Murphy)  is also my man crush with those cheek bones and mesmerizing blue eyes, excuse me I digress ...LOL

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Marco Polo is an show based on the historical adventures in China during the rein of Kublai Khan in the 13th century. This show mesmerized me and I binged watched its debut season in one night. Season 2 is expected this December and I can't wait. Finally there is Daredevil! This series was built up as a comic book lovers champion. I don't read comics but it was suppose to be so closely related to print that the words would seem to be on the screen in 3D... I didn't know if I would be able to appreciate the show without this advantage but my worry was unnecessary. Daredevil brought the action, the adventure, the fantasy and the connection to characters a superhero show needs to make you a life long fan.

Netflix has so many other great shows... Im currently watching a new release Grace and Frankie with

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston (my ultimate favorite DA on Law & Order) and its has me laughing and Im sure it will become one of my favorites.  Here's a few other series that you can check out...... Let me know what you think! Chat with my on Twitter (#Netflix #TvFanactic @mslawanda ), I love discussing my favs....

1. Orange is the New Black- 3rd season to be released June 12 (Comedy/Drama) (Mature) Season1 was my fav
2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - 1 season (Comedy) Made me Laugh!
3. Bloodline - (Drama) I haven't watched yet but Season 1 was released this year
4. Sense8 - Just released June 5 (Mature) (Sci-fi) Made it to episode 2 and stopped not sure if I will return
5.  Lilyhammer- (Comedy/Drama) The subtitles didn't deter me and I enjoyed Season 1 but still trying to finish Season 2

There are so many others... Share your favorites....

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