8-week Skin Challenge- Dermera Skin Care

Turning 40 has been an adventure. I was expecting to do some crazy things, check items off my bucket list and be renewed but instead I have been falling apart. One area that has been bothering me is my face. I haven't been able to find a skin care line that makes me feel comfortable going bare faced out and about. I don't really wear much make up but my uneven skin tone, dark under eyes and overall appearance of my skin has made me subconscious about not wearing concealer and at least a little powder. I know my diet also has an effect on my skin and overall health so I know this challenge is more than simply washing my face.

The system I am going to use for this challenge is Dermera 3 Step Treatment by BrockBeauty. The kit includes a cleanser, an astringent & a complexion serum.  The contents are natural and promise to cleanse, refresh and renew. I will use it twice daily along with drinking at least 64 ounces of water and reducing fatty foods from my diet.  The Dermera Skin Care website offers a free custom skin care regimen and I will share their suggestions for me also on an upcoming post.

I would love for you guys to try this challenge with me, so 2 lucky winners will win a 3 step kit of
their own.  If you are looking for a skin care system and would like to give Dermera a try, leave a comment below,  tweet me @mslawanda or leave a message on my Facebook page telling me why you want to do the challenge.  I will select a winner from those comments. I am beginning week one Sunday September 14th and I am excited to see an improvement in my skin.

Do you have a favorite skin care line? Have you tried Dermera? Please share your thoughts!

* I will also being using Yes To Cucumbers Eye Cream 


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