Get Ready to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Have you ever wanted to try out multiple restaurants in one night? Are you interested in meeting fellow food lovers? Well I am, so I decided to check out the Homegrown Huntsville’s Dine & Dash event!

My friends and I met with the Dine & Dash group at Meza Luna in Jones Valley.  The menu was a mix between Greek, Italian, and Soulful Southern cuisine.  We dined on fresh tomatoes, fried bacon, field peas, corn, and fried okra. It  sent our taste buds into frenzy, the best dish of the evening!

Our chariot awaited us, actually a trolley, where our hosts shared information on other Homegrown Huntsville events, hilarious family stories and simply a fun atmosphere.  The next stop was Straight to Ale.

This portion of the event brought the experience of the newest crave in the city "Food Trucks"!  On –N- On food truck was the food host, with Straight to Ale providing us the beer. Nothing stood out for me on this stop (Meza set the bar high), but we still enjoyed ourselves. 

The third stop was Brix, known for their "happy hour"and events,  they had the drinks flowing.  My favorite hands down were the Cosmo Ritas, and all I can say is ...... oh those Cosmo Ritas!  We were then introduced to shrimp and spinach tacos with homemade sriracha. Yummy!  I didn't want to leave, but we hopped on the trolley for more jokes and crazy conversations until we arrived at our final spot, Anaheim Chili.

 The white chili and Texas chili combination was hearty, spicy, and downright delicious. The
Yellowhammer beer was a great accompaniment and a final wrap up for the night. So if food, libations, and new adventures are what you seek - don’t delay, dash over to Homegrown Huntsville to sign up for future Dine & Dash events!


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