Only Horse Lovers need Apply - Youth Summer Camp

Summer is fast approaching and finding things for our children to do that is fun and educational can be challenging.  Dr. D. Williams founder of the Huntsville Black Rodeo has a great program, the Huntsville Stables 2014 Horse Lovers Camp, that is looking for students who eat, sleep and breathe horses.   This program is designed to improve riding skills, horsemanship, horse knowledge and care as well as core educational classes of math, reading & science.

 The six week program begins June 2, 2014 at Alabama A&M University and students have the option to bring their own horses or use the ones at the stable.  Dr. Williams' passion for Agriculture and horses was evident as we spoke about the camp.  He shared that college scholarships are available in the areas of Agriculture and Rodeo but are often over looked by children of color. He doesn't want to simple teach our children to ride horses but to understand how to care for them in all aspects.  Students who successful complete the camp will have an opportunity to compete in 2015's  Huntsville Black Rodeo.

Spaces are limited for this camp and the cost is $150 per week.  Sign your horse lover up today and you may have the next Cowgirl/Cowboy, Agriculture Engineer or simply a very educated and passionate horse lover.  For more information please contact Dr. D. Williams at

I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the horses and one caught my attention.  Her name is Scarlet
and she is on #TeamNaturalHair sporting  fabulous braids that she will have taken down later for an amazing braid out LOL...

He doesn't refer to himself as Dr. Williams simple D. Williams but I love the Dr.  He is humble and you quickly find yourself feeling like you are have a conversation with an old friend.  Your children will have a great opportunity to learn and have an amazing time at this camp. 


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