Love is in the air..Naturally!

Valentine's Day (Thursday February 14th) is almost here and I wanted to surprise my husband with something different.  I wanted to make this Valentine's Day one that we could really enjoy each another and bond intimately. Now don't worry this post isn't X-rated...but with the stress of everyday life, kids, and schedules sometimes we forget how important intimacy and simple gestures are.  We will be married 17 years this June and together 20 years so it is very easy for us to take one another for granted. I began searching the internet for gift ideas and then it came to me...I needed to reach out to my new found friend LeAnn for the ultimate sensual and seductive gift!

LeAnn has an amazing company called Jordan's Treasurers as well as a  gift for helping people create the perfect ambiance. I reached out to her and she suggested one of her Romantic Encounter Gift Sets...this was perfect! The set is made for any romantic moments you want to create so it was an ideal fit for my Valentine's Day rendezvous. The set comes in 2 sizes (small & large) and can be centered to romance a women or a man..well you both will be romanced in the end (wink)...I decided to go with the large set and the fragrance to be "Alpha" to cater to  enhancing the pleasures for my hubby...The products from Jordan's Treasures are handmade, natural and the scents are truly intoxicating so trust me you can't go wrong with this one!

I will share with you guys a video of me giving my husband the Romantic Encounter Gift Set on Valentine' Day on my YouTube channel but don't wait until then to get yours! Jordan's Treasures have been kind enough to offer my readers a discount on the set. You can save 15% on either the small or large by clicking this link (click here) and using the code JTLOVE

Check out other products also by Jordan's Treasures (click here)

Do you have special plans for Valentine's Day? Share them!
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