No Indian in my family..but maybe in my hair?

Still on a journey to improve the health of my hair, I made a trip to the local Indian import store after reading a  post from one of my favorite mixtress Lola Zabeth.  The post described an Ayurvedic Cream (here) that intrigued me with ingredients that would improve the health of my hair by strengthening it, reducing hair loss and most importantly keeping away the gray! It was a journey in itself to find an Indian market but when I found one they shared the location of another. Cool!

Entering the market I was overwhelmed by the smells, the lack of English labels and the stares from the clerk who was trying to figure out why I was there. I asked the gentleman where the hair care items were and he directed me to an area that contained 5 shelves with a variety of items for health & beauty. I wasn't familiar with many of the products ( of course) but I did see some that made me feel a bit more confident.  Mahabhringraj Oil was the first item I tried to find, I couldn't pronounce it but I did write it down and showed the clerk who had no clue. (I also visited the other import market in my area and they didn't have it either.) Well the best part of making your own hair products is making it your own so I  changed a few ingredients and got ready to put my apron on.

 I had Shea Butter at home so I first created my version of Shealoe butter by whipping some Shea Butter & Aloe Vera Gel together. I then added some almond oil and some infused coconut oil to the mix. After mixing for a while to get a smooth consistency I added some Amla Oil also.  Now lets talk about Amla is STRONG!  I will not add it to a butter again because of the scent but I will keep it for deep conditioners that I can rinse out.  I loved this butter! It was amazing in my hair, I did 2 strand twists on wet hair and the butter helped to keep the moisture in my hair and it was so soft and manageable. Because of the Aloe Vera Gel it must be refrigerated but its still great when the butter becomes solid.  Its great to style hair, place on your ends and to use for your finger tips when taking down a prepared hair style.

Have you tried some great hair mixes? Share them! Will you try this butter receipe? Where do you find your ingredients? Leave a comment and let's talk!


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