Choose my Protective Styles

The summer has been harsh on my hair! The humidity and 100 degree weather has taken its toll and the color hasn't helped either! I am in desperate need of protective styling.  I wanted to make it a little interesting by asking my followers to help me choose.  I will list a few videos and pics and want you guys to comment and tell me what to select and why...i will list the pros and cons for these styles(in my opinion) and you guys share your views...

I love kinky twists with my own hair ...Pros: i can style it differently, it lasts a long time, & its cute LOL...Cons: It takes me 4 hours to do, my hair starts locing after 2 weeks & I do it all the time :(

I love her hair! Pros: Super,Super cute; Cons: I'm not sure if i want a weave...

This is a twist style too but whatever I like it LOL..thanks to two of my favorite vloggers AFRICANEXPORT & the Trendy Socialite

OK help me out Please!


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