Loving me..Loving you...Love me too?

What is going on in the black community? Why are black women and black men becoming anti-natural hair? It's crazy! In the year 2011 we are still feeling the effects of the conditioning from slavery that black is wack; kinky is stinky..are you serious? When I decided to go natural it wasn't on a crusade to save the black women so I didn't care about the choices other black women chose for their hair but others are fighting me. You can love the creamy crack, wear a weave to your knees or pop it and loc it, we are women and we come in many varieties. My only problem is when your choice comes from a place of self hate or peer pressure. When you make a choice to wear a weave is because you like the feel of the hair, the convenience , is it to cover a problem or is because you always hated your hair, you feel its unacceptable or do you feel men wont respond otherwise?  Just know your core reasons why you are who you are.  There are natural styles I just don't like, i.e. puffs, but i don't have an anti-puff agenda....

We all are guilty of wanting to be seen as beautiful on the outside and have made enhancements or improvements like losing weight, adding highlights in our hair or wearing high heel shoes but we need to halt when it comes to our fundamental self.  Most black women have been raised to love a black man but many white or non-black men have a true attraction for natural black women. Puzzling black men are trending to be against it. Why?
I have encountered a few white men who love our natural curls and cant understand why many black women hate it.  90% of the compliments i receive on my hair and skin come from white women and men. My experience with non natural black women are mostly stares and head shakes. Now some stares are probably wow i can do that style or she's brave but some are she needs to get a perm.  I don't want to be unfair so here's some scolding for my natural sisters....stop judging non naturals! We have choices! We can share our experiences without condemning...many sisters are natural under those weaves, or unsure if they can love hair they were taught to hate...so remember we need to  love our sisters & the skin/hair were in ...There is never love from hate! FYI...let a non-black man take you out its OK...(quick note from a few of the white men I surveyed) Leave me your thoughts!


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