Monday, March 14, 2011

A Natural Sisterhood

Returning to my roots has been the best experience.  I have found myself surrounded by women who encourage, support & guide me through a amazing journey. Support is easily found on the Internet not in nameless chat rooms but in videos with women who look like me, talk like me & want to truly know me.  YouTube is better than any college or cosmetology school! Users like BlackOnyx, DivaKeke76, Naptural85 & Lexiwiththecurl (to name a few) guide you through product reviews, how to videos & answer questions we have all asked at some point!  I have never been more proud to be Black & A Woman!
Twitter has open another world that allows people with the same interest to connect with tag lines like #teamnatural & #naturalhair. Locally I have found support in a group we call "Happy to be Nappy" (photo) where we meet on Facebook to share product ideas, ask questions & talk each other off the ledge when we become frustrated! We have also had a product swap to let some of us "product junkies" reorganize.

I believe the most amazing part is the way no one seems to be territorial! We all help & support each other, so to all my Natural sisters, my thinking of being Natural sisters, my relaxed but respect a Natural sisters & the men who love us all- THANKS!

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toy said...

keep it up! hair looks great!

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