Natural Hair Journey - Butters

2012 has my hair believing she's a lottery winner.  The Greek yogurt deep conditioner, from 1/2/12 post,  has my hair shiny, soft and easy to de-tangle.  Tia had great results too and we will use it again this weekend. I'm going to risk the chance of my hair becoming totally spoiled and incorporate a new butter to my hair growth journey. We will use a whipped Shea Butter daily. Tia is wearing mini twists so I will apply the butter to her ends at night before she goes to bed and on her entire head before she leaves for school.   My hair will be in  multiple styles  , as I try to find my Fro Fashion Week style, but I will use the butter when styling and preparing for bed.

 The Butter:

Raw Shea Butter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Vitamin E Oil

I didn't measure but no more than 2 tablespoons of any of the oils...Using a hand mixer I blended the shea butter until it was can melt it down some if you like using a double boiler but i just blended it.  I added the oils one at a time until the consistency was creamy and smooth. I used empty baby food jars given by a great friend (thanks Maribel) to keep the butter in.

Tia and I will use this butter for the month of January but next month we will give another recipe  a try.

Do you use butters for your natural hair? Whats your favorite recipe?

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* get your avocados ready for the next DC*


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