2012 Hair Journey

I am ready to step my hair game up! I was pleasantly surprised with the thickness and length of my hair at the end of 2011 but I was disappointed in the documenting of the process.  I took lots of pictures but I didn't measure, stick to a hair routine or set any goals.  Well this year will be different. I am going to measure my length, stick to a regimen and share the process with you guys.

During the Christmas holiday I decided to straighten my hair so I will take my measurements now.  My hair isn't extremely straight but similar to a stretched length.  My daughter Tia will also follow the 2012 hair program so here is the measurements of the both of us:

Front (bang area) 13 inches
Right - side 13 1/2 inches
Right- back 12 1/2 inches
Left - back 12 inches
Left - side 12 inches
Center - back 10 1/2 inches

Front (bang area) 10 inches
Right - side 10 inches
Right - back 11 inches
Left - back 10 inches
Left - side 10 inches
Center - back 10 inches

Tia created a hair growth t-shirt also.

One of the main areas I want to concentrate on for improving the health of my hair is deep conditioning.  Giving my hair a spa treatment every 2 weeks is a much needed and deserved treat for all the stress it experiences (smile). I will also will be using hot oil treatments, protective styling and protecting my ends.

The first treatment Tia and I will do is the one I borrowed from my YouTube professor Naptural85. This deep conditioner combines Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar and lavender.  I replaced the lavender with lemon extract because that's what I had in my house...(its only for fragrance so not a big deal)....We kept the conditioner on for 45 minutes. Check out Naptural85's instructions for exact measurements.

We will do this deep conditioner twice this month (again 1/20/12) on a Friday because I will begin doing all deep conditioning on Fridays. I am going to put two strand twists in my hair and Tia will wear a twist out.  I will introduce an oil treatment and a butter on January 6 that I will use this month also.

Are you taking the hair journey with me? Let me know what you think about this conditioner.  Leave a comment and check my facebook page for pictures of our hair styled.  Lets grow together!

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*Thursday I will detail my weight-loss plan & journey


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