Stop Looking for Mr. Right on the 1st Date!

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3 Things you need to Stop doing.....  TODAY

1. Narrator: Don't tell your life story.....Dates are a chance to introduce yourself, find common denominators and make connections but not all  in one hour. This is a person that you will either never see again because he's a complete loser or someone you will have an opportunity to learn more about on the second date. Your date doesn't need enough info to write a biography or access your bank account. Less is more
2. FBI Profiler: Stop analyzing.... Get out of your head and over thinking every step. If you are constantly trying to connect the dots or determine if each word from his lips are encrypted you won't enjoy yourself or give your date a chance to enjoy you. The choice of restaurant, his lack of laughing at your last joke or the way he places the fork on the side of his plate will not determine if you need to begin your diet to fit your wedding dress. Relax its just a date.  

3. Chemist: Don't create the formula.... Fireworks shooting from the table are FAB in $10,000,000 Hollywood Blockbusters but it's not necessary on the first date. Of course you want to be attracted to the person you want to build a relationship with, but you Don't Know Him so no need to become a contractor. So let's not use the urge to rump under the dinner table before the main course to determine if you have found the right one. Attraction doesn't equal Soul Mate. 

Side Note: If a Narrator, FBI Profiler or Chemist happens to be your paid occupation, take the night off. 

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