Product Junkie's Paradise...Spring Fro Fashion Review Continues....

I attended Fro Fashion Week as a Lead Press Supporter V.I.P. and I felt like a movie star! I arrived in my traveling clothes without make-up but Tarin Boone knew who I was, ME???? She's such a great organizer. I was given my all access tote, button and welcome to the event...but that's not it...I was given a Golden Ticket to the V.I.P. gifting suite! I told you I felt like a movie star!

V.I.P. status also afforded me access to an exclusive reception for the Penthouse Party but more importantly a chance to meet with representatives from the great brands that attended the event.  It wasnt just a hand shake but a chance to truly meet, network and discuss things that my readers are looking for and hoping to discover. I spoke with Brands that I was familiar with like Jessicurl, Shea Moisture & Curls; brands that I rediscovered like Design Essential (Natural line) & Organic Root Stimulator new line Curls Unleashed; and new brands like CoCo Curls, Mozeke & Beautiful Textures.

I was amazed at the amount of great products that I left the event with and the truly amazing company owners & representatives that I met. Fro Fashion Week is one of the best events I have attended for networking with an intimate appeal.  Small businesses have a truly remarkable opportunity to go straight to the consumer, bloggers get to build relationships with companies by putting a face to the review and larger companies get a chance to revamp themselves with a direct and immediate impact.

It is a must attend event! Below are some pictures of the Brands & Owners I had the pleasure of meeting. Check them out & support them!

Gift from Curls it!

BRIJOR- Fashion Jewelry

Brittany owner of BRIJOR

The beautiful ladies of:  Natural ADDICTees - "Rep the Real"
Owner: Ashley
Jeannell & The CoCo Curls Crew

Mozeke the owner of the company of the same name

 Great seeing Jessica of Jessicurl again!

Kynx with the great tropical theme

What a great idea! Can't wait to try the VBar!

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