What a Community!

I am so in love with the natural hair community. My experience at Fro Fashion Week cemented those feelings. The city of Atlanta was the perfect stage, a place where every small business made a genuine effort to promote and support the other. Trust me, this wasn't just about networking, it was a passion to make their community successful and let everyone have a place to shine. I have never experienced this before and I like it. I come from a place where if you have a business your family doesn't faithfully support you and if they do they expect a discount. It was beautiful to see very successful black businesses receive support from other black people and black businesses.

I would like to support some small businesses that I have encountered that have a flair, strong sense of community and pride. Many of these businesses without representation have shaped my love of natural hair, natural self and passion of entrepreneurship.  Here are a few of them and why I think they stand out for me:

Afrodelik Designs... I first saw one of her funky designs on twitter when Afrobella tweeted a pic with her wearing a shirt.  I immediately went to her facebook page to check them out. I knew I wanted one. During my trip to Fro Fashion Week I encountered Pamela Jenkins, owner of Koils by Nature, rocking one of Afrodeliks fabulous tees! The owner Desiree Marshall from my favorite place in Canada, Toronto,  has gone out of her way to try and  accommodate me being plus size & I appreciate the customer service. (Support without Representation)

Amethyst Owl ALS... I encounter this fabulous person and her jewelry on twitter.  She would tweet pics of her items for purchase but she also makes great YouTube vids showing how you can make anything from headbands to earrings on your own.  Alexandra is also part of the natural hair community and shares her passion with others also as a blogger. (Sharing success)

                                                    Good Hair BC Tomokas Twists..I love her accessories and her personality.  I also follow her on twitter but I wanted to spotlight her because she takes a lot of time to spotlight other businesses.  Her work is completely original and functional.  (Building success for others)

Kim Colesiamherappareal...What can I say but this clothing line is full of FLAVOR! One of my favorites Kim Coles, rocks their gear and I am excited to rock it too. They have fashion tees sure to represent your au natural flavor. (Fab & Full of success)

                                          The last business for this post is Koils by Nature...because I love love love her spirit, passion & of course her products.  I meet Pamela at a the Fashion runway at Fro Fashion Week. I spoke with her for about 15 minutes about my hair and not once did she "sell" me her product instead she examined my hair, suggested at home ways to improve it and samples to try.  It was not a selling tactic it was a true passion for natural hair! (Passion for business & community)

These are just a few of the great businesses I have encountered. Check out their sites and support them because they are passionate about supporting and providing us with great products.  One last special shout out to Tarin Boone of  Naturally Me Media, for supporting and giving small business a daily forum to shine & Fro Fashion Week a must experience event...Now go buy!!!

Let me know what businesses you love..Please leave your comments they make my day!


Anonymous said…
Via twitter: @KoilsByNature @mslawanda God is amazing!!! I have been so blessed!! Thank you for feeling & seeing my passion! You've reassured me! #doingwhatHehasakofme
Anonymous said…
Via twitter: @TomokasTwists thank you for the support. you rock! @mslawanda
Anonymous said…
Via twitter: @AisforAlex @mslawanda awesome! Thanks
Anonymous said…
What a great article and a blessing to know that some of us can and are supporting one another.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for showcasing these businesses..i will be buying very soon
toy1 said…
I enjoyed the article, and the dress on the first picture is so cute. Your blog definetly makes me want 2 go 2 the next event.

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