Back to Basics- H20 & Hair Grease Challenge

I was checking out YouTube for some inspiring hair videos when I noticed a challenge from one the ladies I subscribe to.  It was the channel of CoilyHeadChick and she was challenging her viewers to go back to basics.  I was interested and watched the part 1 & 2 of her video of a water and hair grease challenge...Yes, Grease...petroleum, mineral oil containing GREASE!  There was no way her hair would avoid looking like a Hot I thought????  Her hair was beautiful and she claimed it wasn't greasy at all.  CoilyHeadChick was calling for us to re-evaluate our product junkie status and go old school...Hmm..maybe i should try it but for some reason I was scared.  I decided to tweet: "I need to put my big girl panties on and give this water & grease twist out challenge a try" and to my surprise she replied "yes put them on" it was official, I had to give this challenge a try.

In CoilyHeadChick's challenge she used an old favorite of Royal Crown hair grease but I decided to use the green Ultra Sheen Soft Touch I had in my bathroom.

I washed my hair with Shea Moisture Curl Shampoo, I didn't condition but used the Koils by Nature leave in conditioner.  My hair was very wet and i applied about a finger tip of grease to the first section of hair.  I was nervous but soon found myself feeling comforted.  The smell of the hair grease had me instantly reminiscing about sitting on an old milk crate getting my hair pressed by my mother or grandmother.  I was smiling for a while but them I remembered the countless hot comb burns on my ear LOL, back to reality!                            
              I raked the grease in with my fingers and did two strand twists all over.

I was surprised that my twists didn't feel greasy...the Ultra Sheen had did a great job (so far) of sealing the water in and creating a lot of moisture. I decided to let my hair air dry over night with a satin bonnet on.

The next day I was pleasantly surprised, my curls were the bomb! My curl pattern was amazingly defined and full of sheen. Touching my hair there was a slight amount of glistening on my hands but not enough to classify it as greasy. I was impressed.

CoilyHeadChick is doing the challenge for 30 days but I decided 3 days would be my assessment.  The first night I covered my hair with my satin bonnet without re-twisting and my hair was just as curly in the morning.  Night 2 I re-twisted and Night 3 I mist again with water and added grease only to the back of my hair. My hair had all the same curls and definition I had on Day 1.

When it comes to the appearance and results of the twist out with grease and water I will say Thumbs Up, however for the overall health and growth from continuous use I will have to stay tune to my YouTube friend, the jury is still out...I think this is a challenge worth watching, with hair care products being so costly, we need to have all the options we can.  I am a product junkie and love giving different products a try but I need to make sure I'm not falling for hype! 

Thanks for reading & please leave a comment! Check out CoilyHeadChick on YouTube and see if this is a challenge you would like to try...


MissLiz said…
Lawanda, I like the results...& I thought it would be very greasy...the fact that it's not is a plus.
Lawanda said…
I have to admit I thought it would be too! It was a good challenge. Do you think you will give it a try?
toy said…
That grease brought me back down memory lane. Your hair looks so cute, and it has a shine 2 it, and it doesn't look dry.
Anonymous said…
via twitter: @MrsDevyne never thought about it til I saw your post! Your hair looked great! I have braids right now but I'm definitely going to be giving
Anonymous said…
via twitter: @NaturalQueep85 Im gonna try

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