Pre-teen Hair Goals

Motherhood is full of challenges and helping your children to have a positive self image is a very important & difficult one.  My only daughter Tia is twelve and she is beginning to discover that the way you look has an effect on the way people respond to you in society.  Embracing her natural hair is what I want for her but I also want her to know that she can chose. She will always know that I see a relaxer as the "creamy crack" but that if her reasons for getting one don't include self hate I will accept it. We sat down together and discussed what goals she had for her hair, here's what she said: long.long.long,long hair!

I explained to her to have long hair you need healthy hair so we have partnered to create just that! She has dedicated her time and effort to achieve her goal by wearing protective styles, sleeping with a satin bonnet, taking a daily multi-vitamin, 6-8 glasses of water a day & caring for her hair with conditioning and oiling it. The process has just begun for us so join in and help your daughter achieve her hair goals too!
Please post some of your pre-teen hair struggles, styles or success. All styles pictured were styled at home by myself unless noted.  Here are a few of the styles:

roller set - front
roller set back

cornrow ponytail-front

side of cornrow ponytail

wash n go with Eco styler-front
wash n go - back

cornrows w/extensions back

cornrows w/extensions

two-strand twists

kinky twists
kinky twists shoulder length

press n curl with professional trim
kinky twists dipped w/coldwave rollers
 **Beginning May 29 I will begin my Ultimate Make-over Challenge & Tia will participate in the hair portion also so please stay tune for that also!


Char'Tavia said…
Awww...Tia. I am so proud that she is embracing her hair, creamy crack or natural at a young age. So many of our young Black girls are clueless about their hair. I love the rollerset on her.
BangBangSr. said…
Your daughter is super cute:) Love all of her hair styels and great to hear she is embracing her natural hair.

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