Good bye Scissors!

Today i was doing my rounds on YouTube of old & new hair vids when I heard an unexpected statement: You don't  need to trim your hair to make it grow.......What? Stop the presses! I hate getting my hair trimmed and I dont have to do so to get the length results I want? Ok, i was interseted.  (It was The Hair Doctor- Lisa Akbari) My experiences with "trimming" has been horrible...from stylist, to friends, to family & myself we have all messed up! I thought it was part of a sacred code of healthy hair. I began searching for others rogue natural hair ladies who didnt trim or not as often and this group of rebels is very large.  Women with beautiful long hair were appearing everywhere.

Soooo..Ive decided to begin a hair challenge. I will seal my ends  daily & nightly with  shea butter & oils.. I'm hoping to see a difference in the length & overall appearance of the ends of my hair.

  Will you join me? Have you stopped trimming or decreased the frequency of trimming? Leave me a comment lets go off the grid together!

I will whip some Raw Shea butter in a sealed container with Jamaican Castor oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil & Olive oil... you can use what ever oils you like! 

Here's a couple before pics.. my allergies are very bad so Im very camera shy these days...

***I have a lot of split ends so if you have trimmed you may get better results but i'm going to try and heal my injured ends.
Collage of my ends 5/24

those are some raggedy looking ends :(


LoveNWright said…
Also, there is no way to heal split ends..once they break up..unlike the song..they don't make up!!


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